Fee-for-Service Plan for Health Insurance


Make a wise decision by having your own health insurance policy. By ensuring your health and medical expenses in the future, you will be glad that you have purchased such policy. We all know that nowadays, medical expenses are costly and it is expected to go even higher in the future. We are also aware that as we age, our body becomes more vulnerable with different diseases and even young people have chances in catching a disease. So if you are planning to have a health insurance now then that can be a good decision.

When you are going to visit different insurance companies for health, you will notice that there are different plan features such as different allowable fees, varied rates of co-insurance, the feature of co-payments, and even different modes and amounts of annual deductibles. You will also notice that there are different plan features for this kind of insurance in different companies.

One type of plan features is the so-called FFS or the Fee-for-Service Plan. If you have a family doctor or if you want to choose a better doctor that you know will cure you better, then this feature is something that you have to look for. This is because it will enable you to be free in choosing the doctor or specialist unlike any other plan features. Usually, having this kind of health insurance plan also involves deductibles and co-insurance or co-payment. You can find this feature when you shop for insurance on the Internet.

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