Farmers Pet Insurance – Avoid the Shock

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For as little as $19 / month, you can insure your best furry friend and avoid unexpected medical bills. Look into affordable Pet insurance from Farmers to cover even the fuzziest members of your family (and we don’t mean your hairy Uncle Bob.)

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3 thoughts on “Farmers Pet Insurance – Avoid the Shock

  1. vlmidkiff

    If they swallowed the sock whole, a dog the size of a Samoyed would probably just pass the sock. I had a pair of green socks that my Siberian Husky girl, Katie, just loved. She ate them all the time. She passed them every time. I'd throw those socks in the wash and they'd be as good as new. I wore them for years. I loved them, but not as much as I loved my Katie Girl.

    I know that a dog that eats socks doesn't sound too smart, but Katie opened drawers and closets to get the socks she loved. I once put those socks on a shelf six feet above the floor. I had to use a step stool to get up there. I still don't know how she got them. Katie was brilliant. Best dog, (and socks) I ever had.

    On the other hand, this insurance is important. The other best dog I ever had, Sam the Boston Terrier, once tipped the trash can and ate a mesh bag I had taken off the roast I was serving for dinner. This was in 1988. We had to rush him to the vet on a Sunday night and ended up with a $200 bill for having his stomach pumped. At least we caught it in time. Any kind of string would cut up a dog's intestine. Having abdominal surgery to remove the bag would have been nearly $2000. These are prices from nearly 30 years ago. I can't imagine what it would cost today. Dogs can die from eating things dental floss, mesh meat bags, string, sweaters or draperies that unravel, etc. Anything that unravels like string or rope is very dangerous and dogs eat that kind of stuff all the time.


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