4 thoughts on “Examining the Affordable Care Act’s Premium Increases

  1. Dino Dinaso

    Who is getting health insurance other then the un-employed, and Illegal Immigrants for less then $75.00 per month?  I tried getting health care with the ACA, I am a working person make a decent living for being single, although they want almost $500.00 a month from me, and that was with a high deductible, no co-pay

  2. Dino Dinaso

    Another things, while we are on the subject. Going to the Er (Emergency Room) why is going to the hospital have to be so special it cost $500.00 an hour while you are there. I went to the ER a few month ago, spend about 4 hours there that special trip cost me more then going on vacation. In the some of a little over $2000.00 for that special day, and they did not even feed me. How about we have a committee that will do something about the high cost of hospital stays?

  3. Dino Dinaso

    After to listening to all this crap. I have an idea, anyone at poverty level or below put them on Medicaid, the government is sub-sadizing the ACA anyway.  Then let the insurance companies goe national instead of just regional, that way there would be more competition, help keep the insurance premiums down. Also, government needs to step into the situation of the drugs and hospital cost


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