Episode 10: We need insurance on our house? Featured guest Tim O’Keefe of Liberty Mutual Insurance

If you are buying a home and are planning on getting a mortgage, then you will be required to have homeowners’ insurance. So where do you start? What type of homeowners’ insurance is best for you? What is covered and what isn’t? These are questions that need to be asked when investing in your home with buying insurance. Tim O’Keefe from Liberty Mutual Insurance shares his wisdom and guidance on this matter. Believe it or not, there’s not a one size fits all coverage for your homeowners’ insurance so Tim would gladly break down the various types of plans and how you can save money in the long run. We had so much information for our listeners and viewers that Tim is coming back for episode 11 to wrap up the insurance discussion including umbrella plans, townhome/condo policies, and more. Make sure you watch/listen both podcasts as this is extremely important information for everyone!

It is definitely a sellers’ market right now in the Twin Cities especially for homes priced under $350,000. As a real estate team, we would prefer it not to have such a low inventory of homes for sale as it is now. This low inventory of homes for sale not only hurts the buyers but also those sellers looking to purchase a home too. What we are seeing is many homeowners that are on the fence aren’t listing their homes for sale in fear they won’t find their next place to hang their hats. This is contributing hugely to the low inventory. Click here to get in touch with one of our real estate professionals and receive an accurate valuation of your house…..not an instant one done by a computer program.

One of the ways we (Imperial Home Team and the Twin Cities Real Estate Pros) handle this dilemma is by getting our sellers to pre-list or in other terms, they are for sale but not on the MLS yet. We have the capability of putting our unlisted homes for sale on the #1 real estate search site, Zillow.com. Our sellers get the benefit of having their home garner free attention from buyers and agents without losing days on the market. David Nelson just prelisted a home on 17598 Kettering Trail, Lakeville last week and received an offer. The sellers weren’t going to list their home for another 3 weeks! What we do is very powerful and benefits our sellers tremendously. Ron Johnson went into detail on a recent story that his buyers wrote an offer on a prelisted home (above asking price) and didn’t get. Homes are selling quickly!!! There are a lot of unlisted homes for sale on our Imperial Home Team Zillow page. Please contact us for more details on our prelisting ability and how we can get you top dollar without the hassles of showings!

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