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What should you really know about your dental insurance? Dental insurance can be a really good benefit. It helps with the process, but it’s not like medical insurance.

With medical insurance, you have a deductible and then they basically pay for things after that. Dental insurance also has a deductible typically, but then they just pay a portion of your treatment after that. Like maybe 50% of a crown, or 70% of a filling. Each plan is different. They also have a yearly maximum. Typically $1000 or $1500, or something like that.

Here’s an interesting fact: in 1960, the dental benefits per year was $1000. Now, over 50 years later, it is still usually $1000. Dental insurance is a help, it’s an aide, but it doesn’t cover everything.

You also need to understand that the dental insurance companies real allegiance is to its shareholders. Not to you, its client. Don’t let your insurance company tell you what is right for your teeth. That should be a decision you make with the help of your dentist.

The bottom line is, dental insurance is a nice benefit. It can help you pay for your treatment, but if you really want the best for your teeth, just think of it as an aide.

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