Drunk Driving Accidents In Los Angeles Require Legal Help

Los Angeles is just one city in the United States that is leading the country in the drunk driving accidents that occur each year. If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve likely noticed this trend as it is very possible that one or more persons you know or love have been injured in this type of accident. Car accidents wreak havoc and cause tragedy throughout the United States, but drunk driving accidents are perhaps the most disheartening to view. That’s because unlike ordinary, non-alcohol related car accidents, drunk driving accidents are completely avoidable.  This alone makes the sometimes long-lasting injuries incurred in these types of accidents that much more regrettable. Drunk driving related deaths account for over one third of all traffic related fatalities, and more than half a million Americans are injured in these types of accidents each year. With hundreds of thousands injured and many of those killed in drunk driving accidents, it’s important for you to contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer as soon as possible in order to have the best chance of winning your claim.

Becoming the victim of a drunk driving accident could be one of the most detrimental experiences of your life. It is not uncommon for victims to incur permanent injuries in consequence of their accident, including spinal abrasions, nerve damage, sensory impairment, and even a loss of certain brain functions. Thankfully not all of the injuries incurred in drunk driving accidents are so severe, but the possibility for serious injury is real and unpredictable. You may have already experienced some of these debilitating injuries because of the intoxicated negligence of another driver. If you’ve become the victim of a drunk driving accident, you should consult with a Los Angeles drunk driving lawyer about your rights.

Even if you haven’t received serious injuries from your drunk driving accident, you should still seek the legal counsel of a specialized lawyer. He or she will be able to help you win a settlement for the claim amount you deserve. The large medical bills you can incur for even the smallest injuries can be covered by your potential settlement, along with other expenses that may pile up during your court proceedings. You may also need compensation for your vehicle, which likely received an ample amount of damage in your accident. Your car insurance company may not offer coverage for your damaged vehicle if you do not seek legal compensation from the party at fault. Even if your insurance company does provide coverage, however, you will likely need more money than they are willing to offer in order to repair your vehicle.

If you were injured in the accident, you may also need to consider how much income you’re losing while you’re unable to work. This amount will be factored into the amount you pursue for your settlement, so you don’t have to leave you creditors high and dry. All of these considerations and more should be enough reason for you to contact a drunk driving accident lawyer to help you settle your accident claim.

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