Driving without Car Insurance? 10 reasons for NO(Part one)

Driving without Car Insurance? 10 reasons for NO

Some folks might be tempted to cut costs by eliminating their affordable auto insurance while continuing to drive, risking the chance of penalties if they are caught. Don’t you make this mistake!

2. If the accident is not your fault your still gonna pay!
A crash could be very costly without cheap car insurance to cover you.

Even if you simply hit a tree and walk away unharmed, without low cost insurance, you’ll have to pay every dollar that it takes to repair your car.

There are plenty of drivers on the roads going through road rage, reckless driving, texting and driving, and the odds you may have accident could be high. 

3. Suspended license!
Your license can be suspended for a certain amount of time depending on state requirements. After repeat offenses, you can have your license permanently taken away.

This will greatly affect your personal and professional life, as you will no longer be legally allowed on the roads. Licenses can be reinstated at the discretion of a judge.

Typically, you have to have an SR-22 document that proves you can meet your state’s minimum insurance requirements.

An SR-22 is issued to drivers who are caught without insurance and usually lasts three years.

By having an SR-22, you are essentially informing others that you are now able to pay for insurance.

Once you have an SR-22, then insurance car companies will know that you have previously driven without insurance. This would make you a high-risk customer to insure, meaning your monthly premiums are more likely going to be higher. 

5. A lot of MONEY
If you have no vehicle insurance, but own a home with $150,000 in equity, the other party’s insurance company is likely to sue you to recover the thousands it paid out to their client. And you may lose your home
Since the average cost per hour for an attorney is $250 and $500 in big cities the bill can add up real quick. 

Can I save money on car cheapest insurance? YES
A lot of factors go into what you’ll pay for car insurance. Unfortunately, one of the biggies is your age. When you’re under 25, you’ll typically pay more for car insurance because you’re at a greater risk of getting into a crash and filing a claim. The average yearly cost of car insurance for a 21-year-old in 2015 was ~ $4,000

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