Does homeowners insurance cover dog bites?

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Murray Group Mailbag. My name is Ryan Hanley, I’m the director of marketing and sales here at the Murray Group Insurance Services and our Murray Group Mailbag feature, very simple, customer, client, community member questions that are sent to us. We answer them in video, post them on YouTube and on our blog, so that anyone who has these questions can access to the answers for free anytime they want.

So today’s question actually comes from Kevin, and Kevin is from Gilliand, Kevin asks, “Does homeowners insurance cover dog bites?” So, a very straightforward question that has a pretty straightforward answer. The answer is, if you have a homeowners insurance policy, that does not specifically exclude dog related incidence, then You most likely will have coverage in the event that your dog comes out of the house and bites the mailman or a neighbor, what have you.

Now, One thing to be careful with here. If you have a breed of dog that is on the excluded list. And I know, many people take umbrage to the fact that their dog may, or may not be on this excluded dogs list for a particular company. But there’re certain companies do not like certain breeds of dogs and it is their prerogative to do that.

if you do not notify your company that you have a dog that is on that excluded list when you purchase the policy, the company Most likely we’ll still pay the claim. Does have the right to consider by the fact that you did not disclose that information to them. And they They could make a case to not cover the claim additionally if you have a dog on that list they most likely will pay the claim but then potentially will non-renew you, when your homeowner’s insurance policy is up for renewal.

So, it’s important to disclose the breed of dog that you have, to your homeowner’s insurance agent. Just because you have a dog that’s on one company’s excluded dogs list does not mean that there aren’t other companies that would be willing to take your homeowner’s insurance policy. So a good reason to work with an independent insurance agent.

So, Kevin I hope that answers your question. If you have a question you would like answered on the Murray Group Mailbag simply leave it in the comments below. Whether you’re watching this on Youtube or on our website just leave your questions in the comments below and I capture all those questions and use them for future episodes.

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