Doctor: Canada’s private health insurance ban “doesn’t make sense”

Christopher Wilson interviews Dr. Brian Day about his court case challenging the government monopoly on health care. MORE:

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45 Replies to “Doctor: Canada’s private health insurance ban “doesn’t make sense””

  1. Having worked for an insurance company I have no problem with a ban on them. 60% profits and a department who's sole purpose was to delay claims until the person gave up, died, or declared bankruptcy due to medical bills.

  2. Why would it have to be about economics or medical sense? It's about forcing government decisions down your throat, they don't have to make sense. It gets the psychopaths at the top very hard seeing you like this.

  3. Privatized healthcare is by far the best option. It's not even close. Much much cheaper, much higher standard of care, faster.

    The thing he said about competition – It would only work if the public healthcare system would operate like a business. It's not competition if it's covered by taxes. Therefore it would not increase the effectiveness of the public healthcare.

  4. "…who would otherwise be waiting a year…" See, the problem with Canadian healthcare is not that it is 100% government run, it's the fact that it is so badly managed! It's not the ideology that is at fault here, it's useless politicians and clueless administrators.

  5. I know multiple people who took job transfers to the US so they could use the US-system of employer health care to get surgeries done quicker, and once done, transferred back to Canada.

  6. Looks like Americans healthcare is headed that way. Obamacare costs are skyrocketing and it's hard to find doctors who want to take it unless you're willing to wait a long time for an appointment

  7. In BC my wife and I each pay $800 per year for MSP. What do we get for our $1600 ? Nothing. Doctors here are incompetent recent immigrants and in any case they are not accepting new patients. Lucky for my wife and I we do not need any prescription drugs, we self medicate for everything and we are prepared to go south to USA if we find we need some kind of surgery.

  8. we have a two tier system..anyone who works in healthcare knows VIP's and those with connections get better treatment vs the average joe. These politicians have no clue or just dont care

  9. " We are the only OECD nation to give the government a monopoly on universal health care"
    This is factually incorrect.
    Canada has single payer government run insurance, which many other OECD nations have. To name a few, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Norway, and Iceland.


  10. Socialized/government healthcare leads to lower costs in health services and prescription costs. Bidding contracts allow for low costs on drugs and services.

    Privatized healthcare has no oversight in costs. People are inherently greedy, and will raise prices where they see fit. Private insurance can charge whatever fee's they want and can cherry pick surgeries they'll cover. How's privatized healthcare doing in the United States for those that need healthcare? Only the healthcare providers are profiting.

    People here (in Canada) are free to choose which hospital they go to. Major surgeries here are done based on your current and projected health. If someone is going to die in the next day, they have priority over someone who can live but be uncomfortable for the next 7 days. Where are you getting your facts about 'numerous cases of patients dying' waiting for healthcare?

    I'm not saying it can't be improved, but private health insurance isn't the solution to the system.

  11. Let's not forget that we have a two/three tiered system as it is. Many people just go to the US to get an operation done. Like Dr. Day stated, workers go straight into his clinic, and how about politicians. Do you think they stand in line like the rest of us? If a Vancouver Canuck wrecks his knee in a game where does he go? To stand in line to get it examined, and operated on if need be? Not a chance.

    With all of us getting older this will only get worse. Many studies have shown that our bloated health care system isn't sustainable in it's present form and will implode all on it's own so wouldn't it be better to model a system that spends less and gets more.

    The world health organization ranks Canada 30th in the world and to put that into context the US ranks 37th so lets not continue hearing the old song and dance about wanting a US style system. Look up the list, not down the list

    When had any monopoly in any service ever served the consumer? It never does, ever, anywhere so let's hope Dr. Day's wins his case for sake of all Canadians.

  12. What kind of country doesn't let people buy private health insurance? Holy shit even if you like government healthcare it makes no sense to force people who want to pay for it privately not to. If anyone loses it's them, forced to pay for both their healthcare and that of others

  13. Canadians die on wait lists because the lobbyists of private health care peddle their influence to make them wait so as to force them to Private health care.

    Private health care is not health care it is health services and those insurance vultures make money by DENYING health services.
    Public health care may be manslaughter by ineptitude but it is CARE, but private health SERVICES is MURDER by profiteering skkkumbags.

  14. For my entire life as far back as I can remember, across Canada anywhere I've ever lived or read about – ALWAYS there is a 'backlog'. ALWAYS there are long long wait times. Every city I've been to has packed Emergency rooms with 3 hour waits. Its never changed. Its never improved. It somehow gets much worse when Union Negotiations are coming.

    Let's get honest now. Lets all start saying what we already know: They do this to make money. They are very purposely letting you wait 3 hours so you become outraged (or in pain long enough) that you conceded they need more money.

    The other possibility is that the medical establishment and all these hospitals and staff and people are borderline retarded when it comes to clearing backlogs, they cannot administrate, they are apparently the slowest laziest people on the planet.

    but its really just a kind of extortion. works slow-downs, union 'mass sick day' and work stoppage games. The public suffers for it. Or dies from it.

  15. The left are completely economically illiterate. We hear the same dogmatic rhetoric and thinking here in the UK with the sacred cow the NHS with is costing the tax payer billions not to mention on average £5 billion per year wasted in fraud and misuse!

  16. We don't have waitinglists in the Netherlands, because we banned them. They are still around, they are just called different now. Instead of being on a waitinglist, you are planned in a year in advance.

  17. For faster health care throw a rock through cop shop window, sit and wait for arrest. Insist on being held in custody. Once in system health care must be expedited. We can't have people dying or health deteriorate while in jail now can we.

  18. Public Health Care doesn't cover everything, it only covers regular visits to a General Physician and to a Hospital, other than that if you wanted many other things like Denistry or Dermatological services you definetly need Insurance from a public or privately owned corporation. But I honestly do think that there should be an option for private health care to be allowed, as it gives much more wealthier people a pass into getting Health Care faster.

  19. Dr. Day is not on a waiting list and does not care about the people who are, he is just concerned how much his clinic will make. He works strictly in the private and is not making enough and wants to work in both public and private. These people that are on waiting lists right now will not be able to get insurance to pay for their procedures because they have a preexisting condition. Privatization does not lower costs and does not provide better service. Governments intentionally underfund healthcare to push privatization as the answer.

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