Differentiating a Whiplash Scam From an Honest Claim

In any road accident, among the types of injuries commonly suffered by the victim is the Whiplash injury. Due to the fact that passengers and drivers get involved in accidents concerning other drivers, these drivers get sued as a result, costing the insurance industry millions of pounds each year. However, it is important to understand that not every injury claim is a legitimate claim.

Understanding Whiplash

The spine is surrounded by a soft tissue which serves as its buffer and protection, especially when the spine is subjected to external pressure. What happens in a Whiplash accident is that the soft tissue becomes stretched. Typically, this injury takes place when the body is suddenly jerked forward, which is what normally happens in a collision. The victim feels stiffness in the neck, and pain in the shoulders and back. In usual road accidents however, most whiplash injuries are just minor ones, since there are crumble zones and cages as features of many vehicles nowadays.

The symptoms of Whiplash can last for several months, but then again, there have been examples of false insurance claims being filed, with Whiplash being cited as the primary cause for discomfort and pain.

Assessing the Authenticity of the Claim

The assessment on the authenticity of the claim should be done by the insurance agency, through the help of doctors. The medical reports should be obtained from the hospital where the complainant had been staying, as well as from the doctor of the insurance company. If an individual is eligible for an insurance claim due to the accident, and the other party determines whiplash as the cause, then the sufferer would be eligible for an independent medical evaluation.

One of the drawbacks with whiplash is that the sufferer may complain of the problem only after several months or years, if indeed it is genuine in the first place. While the common symptoms are back and neck stiffness, if the complaints are in fact authentic, then they should have made the right medical consultations early on.

What Happens to My Policy After an Insurance Claim?

Your insurance premium could increase considerably, especially if you have no claims bonus, or if it is unprotected. This is due to the fact that you will be viewed to be high risk, not merely to drivers out on the road, but in the eyes of the insurance agency as well. Many insurance companies don’t like paying huge amounts to insurers, and this fact could lead you to experience some difficulty in getting insured in the future.

If another person has falsely accused you and has made a claim against you, however, they could be imprisoned if it will be proven that the claims made against you and the insurance company are false.

The Right Thing to do When Involved in This Accident

You need all the details you can get concerning the accident. You need to communicate with your insurance company and to make known to them the accident, if the police are not around. This is important so the insurance company can prepare for any claims you may make in the future.

If you are searching for helpful advice on making injury claims, you may drop by the website of your insurance agency. They could have valuable, downloadable information posted on their sites.

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