Cyber Liability Insurance: An Essential and Urgently Needed Business Investment LIVE Webcast

Cyber Liability Insurance is a relatively new product that is developing rapidly due to increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks. Stricter regulation and enforcement of cyber crime are making purchase of Cyber Liability & Data Risk Insurance a necessity for many companies.

Experian Inc. reports that almost 70% of business owners have yet to purchase some sort of insurance against cyber attack even though many business owners know cyber attack is a serious business risk. Many companies face significant costs from litigation following cyber attacks and even face the prospect of bankruptcy. In fact, The Gartner Group reports that 40% of all businesses experiencing data breaches are out of business within 6 months and 51% end business within two years following such cyber attacks.

In this webinar, experts in the fields of cyber crime, cyber crime regulation and enforcement, insurance, cyber law, and network systems security will explain the risks, the types of insurance, and why it is increasingly essential to purchase such insurance. Special topics for discussion include:

Cyber Security Insurance Laws and Regulations
Cyber Liability Market and Claims Trends
Assessing Cyber Liability and Risks: Breach Litigation Issues
Cyber Insurance Types and Coverage Needs
Cyber Insurance Policies De-mystified
Subrogation: Vendor and Business Partner Liability Claims
Benefits of International Vulnerability Purchase Program

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