Comparing Different Types of Health Insurance Plans

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In United States, there are 4 main types of health insurance plans available for the public, ie Fee-For-Service Plan, Preferred Provider Organizations, Point of Service and Health Maintenance Organization. For people who have totally no idea about these, let's take a look at the brief comparison among these 3 plans in terms of costs and services.

Firstly, we learn about the Fee-For-Service Plan. It allows the policy holders to choose freely which doctors they would like to visit. In the case where you need a specialist for treatment, you have the right to choose at your own discretion. However, the plan is the most expensive one if compared with the rest.

Next, let's switch to the Preferred Provider Organizations plan. It does not offer the policy holders any flexibility on which doctors to visit. They MUST choose one of the physicians or doctors from the list fixed by the insurance provider. The cost for this plan is definitely lower if compared with the first plan mentioned above.

On the other hand, the features of the Point of Service plan are quite similar with the Preferred Provider Organizations plan. Under this plan, your physician is required to choose a specialist for you when you need special treatment. Among all the plans, Health Maintenance Organization plan is the cheapest. However, this plan is highly restrictive in terms of obtaining medical services.

Last but not the least, in order for you to obtain more detailed information, you are advised to look for a reliable health insurance agent to provide you the necessary information. Besides, you can also collect information related to the different plans through the National Association of Health Underwriters for free.

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