Comparing Colorado Jumbo and Conforming Mortgages

Comparing Colorado Jumbo and Conforming Mortgages

There are differences between a jumbo Colorado mortgage and a conforming Colorado mortgage and learning what those are will inform you about which Denver mortgage is the best for you. Information about your mortgage will help you as a customer, so you will be able to work out a fair deal with a lender when you are in the market for a Denver mortgage.

Jumbo & Conforming Colorado Mortgages Defined

There are two companies, named Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that are empowered by the government to buy mortgages. Because of how they were created, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae make the standards for the mortgage business. So they have decided what makes a conforming loan and what makes a jumbo loan.

The difference between a conforming loan and a jumbo loan is the size of the loan you are looking for. A conforming loan is the smaller of the two. The most expensive loans are called jumbo mortgages.

The boundary between the two different kinds of loans moves from year to year and stems from the mortgage and housing market. The line now for a Denver mortgage and Colorado mortgage to be considered a conforming loan is a price of less than $417,000 for a single family house with a first mortgage and an amount of $208,500 for a second mortgage. Multi-family properties will have higher limits. Any amount above this is officially a jumbo Colorado mortgage. The limit will be different in states outside of Colorado, but these amounts cover all of the state. There will be a change to the limits to Denver and Colorado mortgages because of the stimulus package.

All About Colorado Jumbo Loans

The amount of the loan is the key factor in determining if a Denver mortgages is a jumbo loan. The jumbo mortgage products in Colorado are otherwise just the same as a conforming loan. The loan terms can be changed in many different ways, including fixed rates, adjustable rates, and interest-only programs. All of it will depend on which program you sign up for when getting a Colorado jumbo mortgage loan from a lender

Don’t forget that since the market is so small for jumbo mortgages there will be a tighter rein on the qualifications. This is true of Colorado mortgages as well. Since the borrower is taking out such a large sum, they will have to meet such strict standards such as a higher credit score and lower loan to value ratios.

When you look at the price and the loan amount of the house you are interested in, you will be able to see whether or not you need a jumbo Denver mortgage or a conforming Colorado mortgage. When you know what type of loan you need, you then find a mortgage lender in Colorado who can work with you. As always, it’s best to work with a Denver mortgage lender who has experience making customers happy with their loan selections. The lender will work with you on finding the right home loan option, whether it is a conforming mortgage or a jumbo Colorado mortgage. In the end, you will be connected with the best product for you.

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