Compare Maryland Health Insurance Rates Online

Learn about the most affordable health insurance plans in Maryland. We compare all of the top-rated insurers in the state so you can find quality coverage at the best rates. Single and family plans are available and you may qualify for a federal tax subsidy to help pay premiums.

Simply click on our secure link and provide your zip code. Within minutes, you can view the best offers.

The Maryland Health Insurance Exchange (Marketplace) offers subsidized plans in the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers. Preventive expenses are fully covered and 10 “essential health benefits” are provided (including maternity and mental illness). Special low-cost catastrophic plans are also offered.

Open Enrollment begins on November 1st. However, if you miss the OE period, many low-cost options are available. A “special enrollment period” is available for specific exceptions, including moving to a different state, losing group coverage, having a baby, and getting married.

Regardless if you live in Baltimore, Annapolis, Rockville, or any other city, you can apply for customized affordable healthcare from the most reputable carriers.

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