Choosing Home Care Assistance in CT

What is the difference between “home care” and “home assistance”? It is really just a technical difference because there are all kinds of firms offering what is known as home care assistance in CT. There are also Registered Nurses extending what they call private duty home care in CT too.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that you can begin to develop a totally customized plan of support for yourself or a loved one who can benefit from trained and knowledgeable assistance. This is an ideal approach for those who are hoping to remain “at home” (or for those who want a loved one to remain at home) and yet who accept that they do need home care assistance in CT.

For instance, you may be at a point in life when you are not steady on your feet or you have some health issues that make mobility or daily functions a bit of a challenge. You are not yet at the stage where you need something as serious as private duty home care in CT, but a bit of assistance would be great. You can easily find a reputable firm that offers the full range of services, and then work with them directly to get all of the support needed.

If you want someone in each day to help with housekeeping, running errands and getting you to appointments…well, that is just fine. If your status changes and you need a lot more personalized care, you can then ask the same firm to line you up with private duty home care in CT too. You are more than likely going to just continue with your usual home health aides and nurses, but see them a bit more often and get a bit  more support from them.

Can you really just call a provider of home care assistance in CT and start itemizing your needs? the way it works is very straightforward – you contact the firm of choice and inquire about their services. Most of the best providers will have basic services to private duty home care in CT. You do want to double check that the nurses are all Registered Nurses and that the aides are licensed by the state too. This guarantees that you can ask for personal care assistance, medication assistance, and even post-surgical or hospice services from the people you have already come to know and trust with your health and well being.

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