Cheaper Car Insurance – Is Black Box Insurance Worth it?

Car Insurance is increasingly expensive to new drivers, young drivers and drivers of performance sports cars and hot hatches. Black Box car insurance has become increasingly popular over the years, but comes from a variety of companies that have varying policies on how strict they are with speeding, driving late at night or early in the morning and how harshly you accelerate/brake in your car.

Black Box Car Insurance may be worth it for you if you are;
– A New Driver
– A young driver
– A more careful, gentle and slower driver
– A low mileage driver

If you don’t associate with any of these points then it would probably be best to stay away from black boxes. Although some companies can be lenient, there are a strict few companies who will penalise even the slightest speeding or late night driving incident.

Be careful and get the research in!

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40 Replies to “Cheaper Car Insurance – Is Black Box Insurance Worth it?”

  1. Im 21 and my first car is an 1.8 Honda Civic VTEC 140bhp. I paid £2950 (no blackbox) for my first year and its definitely worth paying the extra money because I love the freedom of putting my foot down

  2. I'm with ingenie; no curfew, had no issues at all except my score decreasing due to having to break sharply after other driver's have pulled out on me. Took about £800 off of which similar quotes were offering (without a box).

  3. Direct line is a decent insurance group for black boxes, I've even gone 70 on a 30 road. I didn't receive any complaints. Only issue is their app, the scoring system is completely wrong and i get penalised for accelerating on a slip road because apparently im speeding up too quickly

  4. I'm 20 years old with a license for about 6 months and I quoted so many cars to see what are the prices. I tried cars with an engine from 1.0 to 1.6, from 2005-2009 and every time I got quoted around £4000-£5000 on full insurance or third party. This is way too much and I can't afford to pay that much money for the insurance. I mean getting the car is fine and would pay that much money for a car. But for insurance, hell no.

  5. Before even watching this the answer is no no no no no DON'T DO IT! EVER! The second my years insurance is up I will be switching companies (they probably won't insure me again!) and paying more if necessary. I feel so restricted, I feel as though I drive quite dangerously as I'm constantly watching my speed (not the road) and I'm just paranoid when driving of my box. Worst thing I done. As a new driver I thought I would be super safe and it would be fine and soon realised it was a terrible decision!

  6. I'm 18 Years old, living in London and I have a BMW 1 SERIES SPORT 2006 ( 1.6 ). Currently with Tesco insurance since its the cheapest quote i got which was £1,760 with a black box.

    But the coolest fact about Tesco insurance is that they don't MOAN OR FINE you for driving fast or driving irresponsibly + they give you extra free bonus miles every month even if you drive carelessly. Doubt that they don't always track how your driving everyday!

  7. more than smart wheels
    1.25 mk7 fez , 17 (£1404) , ngl it's so annoying but if you can deal with it , it's worth saving £1600( the difference between box and no box )

  8. I'm a 20 year old student and using a black box. It definitely is a pain to be using one – whenever I break or accelerate too harshly in certain situations, I tend to drive around some more purposely accelerating and breaking less harshly in an attempt to correct my previous actions. It really doesn't adapt to the numerous situations you're accustomed to while driving.

  9. I've been driving about a month or 2 now and I had to have a black box the cheapest without was 5k I ended up paying 2k in the end.If I'm a good driver I get money back every 3 months and if I'm a bad driver they charge me money every 3 months I'm with Ingenie btw and drive a 05 seat Ibiza sport

  10. Insurance at 21 on an Impreza WRX is 850 quid annually with Admiral with a black box being £1 a year MORE expensive.

    I've also worked for a company with black boxes and I've seen some ridiculous examples of GPS giving unrealistic speeds, so they're often not that accurate.

  11. Just started my second year of driving. luckily a classic car which brought insurance down against a newer car but my second year has coated less than half what the first year coated even though I have had to declare suspension and wheel mods this year. I would say that for anyone looking to modify their car or have a bit of fun, persevere with the cost of the first year without a black box and next year it will be much cheaper anyway

  12. I had a black box in my first year insurance at age 18. It was £500 cheaper. Had my speed in red every month yet never faced a penalty fee. The company was InsureTheBox and would recommend them for young drivers.

  13. I have a black box and it's an absolute nightmare. It randomly penalises me for speeding when I always stay under the limit, punishes you for braking hard (i.e. punishing you for avoiding an incident, potentially saving lives) and also punishes you if you drive past 11pm. This makes no sense to me as the roads are empty at this time so surely it's more safe to drive at this time. I drive a polo 1.2 and this is my first year of insurance for context

  14. Literally just got my Tesco Box installed today. Took about 10 minutes to do, will report back if I get any fines.Working for tesco got me a nice discount so that was cool.

  15. Black Box insurance does seem to be the only way to go for young drivers. However, choosing your car can also make a big difference. It can vary from area to area though. Cheapest quote I got for my 05' Seat Ibiza 1.9TDi was around £1,700 (doing 10,000 miles a year). However, my new car (2006 Audi A3 with the same 1.9TDi unit) comes in at its cheapest rate of £1,300! Often, choosing something a bit unusual can land you some pretty nice deals.

  16. Wouldn't recommend a black box whatsoever. Curfews are ridiculous for one; I personally don't think it's more dangerous driving at 11pm with zero traffic than 3 or 5pm with rush hour traffic. Also, if anyone's got More Than Smart Wheels, they would know how they stupidly score you. 3 Categories; Speed, Smoothness and Usage. Scores range from – 10 to +10. No matter what time you drive or how long a journey takes, you will 90% of the time get a +3.2 score for usage as that is the usual one, which makes zero sense so the score always stays low.

  17. if a black box was like 1-2k cheaper it would seem like a great option but in some cases ive seen without has been cheaper and the diffrence tens to only be about £200 less for me not enough to give up my freedom

  18. i actually agree as to how insurance companies can charge so much. imagine insurance was affordable for every1. we would have so many drivers and cars on the road. it would not be ideal.

  19. I've got a black box myself, I drive a Peugeot 107. I have experienced many problems with my black box Mis-recording journeys and things. My first few trips, it recorded me driving for 36 hours straight as it didn't 'switch off' and I receive some scandalous minus marks. However when I rung them up they removed it and apologised but their customer service is shit. Cough cough More than smart wheels cough cough! Mine is quite lenient though as I can go around 15mph over the speed limit and get best marks. It is a reasonable option as it did save me 750 quid to have a black box, I pay £55 a month, which comes to £850 a year including the down payment

  20. i have a black box through auto saint, really the only thing they care about it that you dont go above the speed limit, so i cant accelerate or break as hard as i want, without any issues

  21. my son has 4 months left on his policy with Ingenie and he changed his car from 1.2 Clio sport to a 1 litre C2 with tinted windows they arrived to refit box to his new car and refused because of windows and also because the door handles inside have been sprayed red he has to start again with new policy new company and lose his the 8 months he has accumulated Ingenie are a waste of space money grabbing idiots avoid

  22. I've had really weird experiences with ingenie, and i think their black boxes are really inaccurate. To start off they gave me great feedback saying i drive well, even though i frequently exceed the speed limit because let's face it that happens and most cars settle naturally at 35 at the top of 3rd gear, and at first i thought they understood the realisms of driving. But now a few months later, and i haven't changed my driving style at all, because i drive like every other person on the road, and they're giving me really mixed feedback saying that my braking is shocking every other report and my cornering needs improvement every other but my acceleration is still great even though i admittedly just put my foot to the floor regularly, leaving me to believe that they either don't know what they're talking about or their tech is just crap.

  23. as an older driver (30s) I completely approve of black boxes, not to say new drivers are bad, since the worst drivers tend to be 60+ but if it takes down your insurance premiums, as well as those of the people like me, who will end up paying more in order to keep prices competitive for new drivers, they're a really good thing.

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