Cheap car insurance for young drivers UK | SHOULD I GET A BLACK BOX?

I hope I covered everything as always leave a comment if your not clear about something. ( I can’t say black)

My car accident:

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19 Replies to “Cheap car insurance for young drivers UK | SHOULD I GET A BLACK BOX?”

  1. yo Ellis, thanks again for the videos man -passed my test on Friday and got my 1.4 civic hatchback, i was gonna go for a telematics device but insurance is really cheap where i live – £1400 per year for a brand new driver with 0 ncd haha

  2. I've got a black box, wish I didn't have to get one because I don't like the idea of them watching me 🙁 but some companies have a curfew and they penalise you monthly for bad driving, but you guys should try insure the box, so far so good! No curfews, no fines

  3. Hey I enjoyed your video!! I had a black box fitted for my first car, it was hard to stick to the restrictions, I went over the speed limit a lot especially on the motorway but didn't get any consequences luckily. I also didn't have a curfew either. they didn't check my insurance to make it more expensive or cheaper. I was with Autosaint.

  4. Yeah, I saw a comment or two about not being able to get insurance without a black box. It's true, if I were to try and insure my car without a black box (as a 17 y/o driver) then I'd be looking at paying thousands of pounds more than with a black box. Insurance companies and the government care not about you but only the money they recieve, they're scum.

  5. I've got a black box in my 2 litre golf. company is Acorn insurance. I've had it now for about 9 months and i drive carefully but odd time i might go over the speed limit but nothing excessive and i've not had any issues from them so far. the main reason i took this policy is because it was over £1000 cheaper than other companies!

  6. I have black box insurance with Hastings Direct and I constantly go over the speed limits. My score does go down but the cost never goes up. I have topped 100mph on the motorway and nothing has ever happened and i have been with them for 2 years now. Even with a bad score the cost after 1 year dropped from £2000 to £900 for the year.

  7. Please tell me a way I can get cheap insurance without this fuckboy box. the cheapest i'm getting is fucking 6000 pounds without. there must be a way to get it without black box. im willing to pay 2.5k if its without

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