Cheap car insurance for young drivers in the UK (Updated for 2016)

Now on my third year of driving, I talk about some of the changes that have happened to car insurance pricing in the UK, where to get the best deals and so on. This video is not focused so much on your FIRST car, but just young drivers in general. Much of what you will hear me talk about you will already know, but there’s a few little touches that could get you thinking. Good luck!

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12 Replies to “Cheap car insurance for young drivers in the UK (Updated for 2016)”

  1. I watched your videos on insurance last year when I started learning to drive and found them really helpful. Just passed my test last Friday, thanks for your help!

  2. I commented on your previous video about my good experience with tesco insurance. However, I've been driving for nearly a year now and I've been looking at quotes for renewal and it seems that they're not that great for drivers who have been on the road for a while. I actually started looking into multicar policies and a policy for my mum, dad and myself on our 3 cars with admiral multicar is actually cheaper than my insurance alone – they quoted £1,200 to cover us on our respective cars, which is much cheaper than the £1,700 that tesco offered to just insure me on my car. What is even more interesting is that the £1,700 quote from tesco is actually more than the first year that I have been with them!

    So definitely look around – don't just assume your insurance will give you some kind of loyalty discount and if you live with your parents, the savings that can be made on a multicar policy are massive, so they can really be worth it.

    I should also point out that the admiral multicar policy doesn't require a black box.

    (I currently drive an 1.2l 03 ultra blue Corsa C and live in London)

  3. This is superbly helpful, thanks buddy! Im 22 and have had my license for 4 years, this'll be my first insurance. Cheapest I'm getting is £1200 on a Corsa 1.2 with Bell. Wasn't sure whether to go with that as I hadn't heard much about them but gonna use some of your tips to look around some more before going with them if I can't find anything better.

  4. For a first time car, what would you recommend? I was looking into 2004-2007 Volvo's and BMW's (Which I can buy and insure for 5k) but my parents are urging me to get something newer and rather… "Shite"

  5. I have to say it's good that you share your experiences and I find it very beneficial. I got my licence when I was 19 and when I insured my corsa 1.2 v16 (2004) it was about 1970 pounds per year which came to roughly 140 pound per month. This was with the black box and excess of 600 pounds +150 if driving after 11 pm and before 5am. I was surprised as I knew every 3 months I can be eligible for discount if driving good according to black box. After 3 months my insurance went from almost 2k to 1.6k. I still remember this day, I was so happy. Currently my insurance renews in 10 weeks and Im looking forward to see how much it will cost to insurance better car as corsa is reliable car but compare to other more premium cars, for example passat from 2006, that car feels more comfortable to drive. I still cant believe my dad tough me to drive with his vw passat 1.9tdi. Nonetheless a good video and you got a pretty nice car. Let's hope my insurance goes down too 😀 That's a sub from me!

  6. Going to do a Q&A video on this now that more time has passed and things have changed further. If you have any questions leave them in reply to this and I will feature them.

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