Cheap car insurance for young drivers in the UK – Tips from my experience

I have decided to reboot my channel and host a variety of content, starting with this video which aims to provide a few little tips on how to get your first car on the road when you are a young driver in the UK. Having experienced this myself, I wish someone had shared their experience with me so I figured I’d do that for the viewing audience. Much of what you will hear me talk about you will already know, but theres a few little touches that could get you thinking. Good luck!

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45 thoughts on “Cheap car insurance for young drivers in the UK – Tips from my experience

  1. Bolt Storm

    I'm 21 living in South Yorkshire. I'll be getting my parents' old 2002 Renault Clio Expression 1.2, and I was shocked to learn the cheapest insurance policy I could get was £440/annum, based on a Third-party Fire and Theft. Fully comprehensive isn't worth it for the car, as the insurance policy would cost more than the car!

  2. Danlat

    Glad to see this has helped so many people out. Things have changed a bit since I posted this nearly a year ago, so I was thinking of doing an update video… anybody interested to see it?

    For sake of interest I am now 20 with 2 years no claims. I am currently paying £700 fully comp with admiral on my 2008 Astra 1.6, and this will be going up to £1100 when my new car arrives (2016 Volkswagen Golf GTD)

  3. lol

    My tips:

    Use gocompare, probably the best comparison website
    Always add your parents to the policy
    Set excess to £500
    Always go for comprehensive, cheaper believe it or not
    Go for smaller size engines i.e 1.0, 1.2, 1.4

    I'm 20 years old male and i got quoted £700 for a vw golf no blackbox :)

  4. Jacob Watts

    Skoda fabia 1.2 53 classic 17yo first year £1950, year 2 £850, year 3 £650 year 4 £510 all with Liverpool Victoria, gained 3 years no claims and still no points (touch wood) 2 accidents both not my fault.

  5. Jacob Watts

    Skoda fabia 1.2 53 classic 17yo first year £1950, year 2 £850, year 3 £650 year 4 £510 all with Liverpool Victoria, gained 3 years no claims and still no points (touch wood) 2 accidents both not my fault.

  6. António and Bryanpereira Gonçalves

    The English car insurance is to expensive , I'm from Portugal and I have my driving licence for over 15 years , I been driving in England for over 8 years , and have 8 years no claim bonus . I'm not a retard new bi driver and never had an accident , if I change my driving licence to English I will pay 5 X more as I'm paying now with my Portuguese licence .. My question is why is this and if the English government wanna get rich by force .. Well they can all get fucket and suck on my fat dick even if I had a money tree I woundent change it .. I hope when the britsh move to Portugal they pay 8 time more but in pounds not in euros .. Greedy mother fuckers .. I hope the fat whore queen choke on a bone a die ..

  7. Danlat

    I have a new video on this subject, covering a bit less on new drivers and more so on young drivers in general. I hope you find it just as helpful as this one in the ever changing messy world that is car insurance !


  8. bradley jamie

    looking for car insurance have found adding some one as a named driver on your insurance with few years no clams can help drop your insurance i saved around £500 my adding my dad

  9. mustak ahmed

    can you tell me whats tha insurance going to be on bme 1.6 sport 2013 car cost £12.788 i have search photos on iPhone that insurance cost me 13000 to £18,000 a year is this real or is this just wrong I'm really confused can anyone help me this is f*** up

  10. Lewis Howell

    I haven't long passed my test and as I'll only be driving around about once a week my parents managed to insure myself and my 20 year old brother to drove their both cars for 96 pound a month with Aviva (1100 pound a year) an absolute bargain

  11. MrMossi10

    Can you do a vid maybe talking about the cheapest cars to insure for 17 year old drivers in the uk? This would be the biggest help as I have looked all over YouTube for a video but they are all for America

  12. Connor Kilpin

    Passed my test yesterday and have had the pleasure of realising how difficult it is to get insured. This video was a great help though! Been looking at a few 1.0L Aygo's and now I'll definitely check out Tesco for the insurance.

  13. DanLi

    Not sure if you still check the comments, but what would you say about a website like Marmalade? You get a car & insurance from them, which is quite cheap and the car is brand new. I'm really thinking about going with them and my parents want to support me with paying off the car and insurance.

  14. LEZevil Bruh

    Im turning 18 soon, is their an insurance company that does £1000 or less xD! And I wanna get a Ford Focus 2015 model as a first car, is insurance gonna be more expensive…

  15. amber payne

    it all depends on risk factors associated with different cars, ages, post codes etc.. if there have been more claims nationwide against a certain type of car say a ford ka, then price of insurance on a ford ka will be higher or if less have been made then it will be lower etc main things are post code and engine size and if you have a higher voluntary excess, your insurance will be cheaper

  16. VyBz A

    last december i encountered a glitch in go skippy car insurance system. i was able to get insured on any car possible except a supercar. the price was £720 for every quote i did on various different cars. at the time my family memeber owned a 2012 c63 amg and a 2014 audi s3. i got insured on both of the cars. i was 18 at the time and was only passed 6 months.

  17. steverabbits

    My son has passed his test – 1st time with 100% clear pass, no faults
    not even a single minor which apperently is almost unheard of. He is an
    excellent little driver and drives better than a large proportion of the
    experienced adults I see on the road yet even though 98% of the time he
    scores straight tens on the black box scores he once in a while gets a
    minus score for 'smoothness' or 'speed'.

    I cannot figure out how the hell they do their calculations (and I am no
    slouch when it comes to Maths) It certainly isn't a straightforward
    average calculation as you can have a string of 10/10s and get just one
    minus and your score gets decimated so it must be weighted somehow.

    I am starting to wonder if there is some kind of scam going on here.
    They will base next years premium on his performance so they have an
    incentive to massage the figures and before anyone shouts 'paranoid' or
    'conspiracy theory' I have personally witnessed the scores on at least
    one journey change for the worse two days after it was posted on his
    'dashboard' and have been with him on trips that for some reason have no
    even shown up on the bloody thing at all!

    For this reason I have been copying all his scores every day onto a
    notepad document to keep a record and an eye on them. The poor lad is
    working his arse off to get good scores but his overall score just does
    not seem to reflect the individual scores he gets. He has average trip
    scores all of which are positive and yet still gets a negative score for
    the day overall – how the hell can that be ???

    As well as next years premium they also base his cost of extra miles on
    these scores and atm they are asking for £513.00 for another 5000 mlies
    if he buys them before the 1st 30 days has expired. The initial premium
    was £1104.00 as it was and that was for only 5000 miles in a 1.6 Ford
    Focus with me and his mum on the policy! If he buys extra miles after
    the first 30 days they are £177.00 per 1000!!! This is all with More Than Smart Wheels btw.
     It seems grossly unfair on these youngsters to me.

    It is doing my nut in trying to figure it out so I plan to call the
    people who make and install the 'big brother' boxes and find out EXACTLY
    how they work (or not as the case may be). I hope they record the
    telephone call cos believe me it's gonna be a classic when I am done
    grilling them!

  18. Stuart Harper

    Also. It doesn't just depend on the crime rate in the area. It depends on the roads around you as well. For example i stay in a very low crime area, however the roads around me are all B roads. Which obviously has a higher accident rate with cars and motorcycles.
    One thing to also do, is if you have a one car driveway ask your parents to swap, because if you park on the road compared to the driveway my premiums went down £150 annually. So do use ever little detail to save. Also add a parent or both.
    All that really matters is the first year, purely because of your venerability. After the first year and you get your NCB then it's fairly smooth.
    First car is a Corsa 1.4 £2800 non-blackbox insurance.
    After 1 Year NCB and 18 and a half.
    Octavia VRS 2.0. £2000 – non-blackbox. Again with every little saving detail. It's all about trying to squeeze every penny then getting your first year out of the way accident free.

  19. Nazaqat Mohammed (Naz Mohammed)

    hi, I'm 20 – (21 in January), I'm a 2nd year university student, I'm having my driving lessons and I want to get a car and be insured as soon as I pass my practical. What is the best place to receive the cheapest quote? And which car should I buy? My family has already got 2 VW Golf's – fairly new since they're good cars apparently.

  20. Danlat

    Going to do a Q&A video on this now that more time has passed and things have changed further. If you have any questions leave them in reply to this and I will feature them. If you have yet to see the update video to this one, check it out on my channel.


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