Changes in private health insurance for 2010 in Germany

Changes in private health insurance for 2010

Several years ago, our government has to switch to the worker from the public health insurance into private health insurance somewhat more difficult to design than ever. It was introduced at that time by operation of law, that the employee 3 years in a row over the Hunter (annual income limit) must lie with his earnings. Only under this condition, it can at present in the PKV (private health insurance) . Switch

This will change again in 2010: according to exceed the ceiling rate of only 1 years make a change in a good and cheap private health insurance

It was to prevent the former decision, the high-income workers direktaus the statutory health insurance in the private health insurance change can. At the time the bill is still difficult with the 3 year, exceeding the AWU) (annual income limit. Currently, it does not look like it, that a change will have effect from 01.01.2010 be possible if only 1 year is over AWU.

After termination of possible premium increase

The ceiling is set foot in 2010 is expected 49,950 euros! Online Compare health insurance worthwhile.

The head of public health insurance premium is to come!

A solid contribution to the health insurance would be determined in future for the insured. This contribution should be the same for everyone regardless of income. Therefore, the FDP model comes in part to criticism! — Compare the statutory and private health insurance.

Health insurance will be expensive – the FDP and the CDU refuse!

Health insurance are more expensive
The private and statutory Health insurance the contributions increase – the government does not want to limit legal expenses.
Private health insurance (PKV) is expensive for millions of inhabitants in Germany next year. The statutory health officials have announced this. The private insurance companies adjust their contributions as well. The health of politicians CDU and FDP Coalition have rejected it at first and want the rising costs do not stop with legislation. The Minister of Health Philipp Rösler (FDP) Stated that the statutory health insurance have achieved until the third quarter, a surplus of 1.4 billion.

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