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  1. Unfortunately there are hundreds of Aflac policy holders online who have filed complaints on failure to pay out oncancer insurance from them . Aflac is a scam that rarely equals the amount put in . There is a reason they are listed as having 22 billion ! They take advantage of people

  2. Cancer is no Joke, it can take away your life, it does not discriminate. It affects 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 woman.
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    Aflac is living the Legacy this is why we are 22 Billion strong. we pay claims and are home to the 1 day pay.

  3. That sounds all fine and sweet but do a 5 minute goggle search on denied claims by policy holders . There are not a few there are thousands there are formal complaints in the thousands online . You'd have to be willingly ignorant and void of any research to not see these supplementary insurance policies rarely pay what you've invested in and they have underwriters who go over and over the fine print to reject your claim , I've seen them give people the run around over a hernia who had paid over ten years . Some people will eat cat crap if you spoon feed it to them

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