Auto Insurance Tips – How to Get a Discount on Auto Insurance Coverage

Q: I recently relocated to San Diego, CA for work and was wondering if there was any way that I could get a discount on auto insurance in California? Coming from Pennsylvania, the premium increases really said me off guard and I would really like to keep my costs down. Thanks.

A: Thanks for your question, and congratulations on your new home in CA. While there are several ways to get discounts on your auto insurance in California, I am going to touch on one in this brief article.

Most large insurance companies offer policy discounts to preferred customers, or customers who have multiple policies with them. Do you rent an apartment or are you a home owner? Adding a renters insurance policy or homeowners insurance to your auto coverage should get you a discount on your car insurance premiums.

Now, this is not always the case so it is best to ask your agent or the company direct. However, most insurance providers will offer this type of discount.

Hopefully this tip will help out when it comes to saving money on your auto insurance in California.

Lastly, we encourage you to take a few minutes to compare car insurance quotes online from different companies. Comparison shopping is an extremely effective way to not only save money on coverage, but wind up with a higher quality policy as well. Many drivers skip over this all-important step when it comes to shopping for automated coverage, and they end up overpaying for their policies as a result.

Massachusetts home insurance rates soar after brutal winter

Massachusetts home insurance rates soar after brutal winter

Some companies raising premiums by 9 percent
Massachusetts homeowners are paying for last winter’s record-setting snowfall with insurance premiums that are jumping by about 9 percent, much higher than in most years.
The increases could translate to an additional $100 on the average Massachusetts premium of $1,150, according to The Boston Globe.

The Massachusetts Division of Insurance has approved an 8.9 percent increase on average for the state’s largest insurer, Mapfre USA Corp., beginning Aug. 1. Last year, the company, which insures more than 214,000 homeowners in the state, increased rates by 2.3 percent.

Safety Insurance Co., which covers nearly 150,000 homeowners in Massachusetts, plans to raise premiums by 9.1 percent starting in December.

Other insurers are expected to follow suit.

“The unprecedented weather-related events and claims activity this winter have negatively impacted the insurance industry,” Daniel McCabe, Mapfre’s vice president for New England, wrote in a recent bulletin to independent insurance agents explaining the rate increase.

Ray Gallant, president of Gallant Insurance Agency Inc. in Acton, said he has warned customers that their premiums are likely to jump.

“It’s very difficult on the consumer, very difficult on the agent and very difficult on the company,” Gallant said. “It is in response to the biblical losses that they (insurers) received.”

His company logged as many as 75 calls a day from customers reporting damage like ice dams and leaky roofs during the worst of the winter. Gallant said he is still dealing with storm-related claims two seasons later.

Insurance companies consider several years of weather trends, along with the rising costs of building materials and home repairs, in determining rates, said Chris Olie, chairman of Bunker Hill Insurance.

Roofers of North Carolina Homeowners Insurance Claim Help

Here are 7 tips to help homeowners with their claims process:


Receiving a fair payout for damage to one’s home and belongings begins by making a list of what you own, particularly the more expensive items, including what they cost, even if it’s only an estimate.
Taking photos or even shooting video while you describe the items and how much you paid for them, works too. And, if possible, take digital photos and video, which you can store online on websites like Flickr and Picasa. That way, you can access them in the event your computer is damaged.


Knowing what your insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t is essential to getting through the claims process quicker.
You don’t want to have to rely only on what claims adjusters tell you, especially as they go through the process of evaluating how much of a payout you’re going to get.


After the storm, once it’s safe to move about, it’s important to take photos of the damage right away. Comparing these photos to the ones taken before the storm can be used to establish the value of items that are damaged or destroyed.
If holes have been torn in your roof or windows are broken, cover them quickly to prevent further damage, but don’t make any permanent repairs. But take photographs or videos of the damage before you start working.
And don’t throw out damaged furniture or other expensive items until an adjuster has seen them.


Homeowners should call their insurer quickly and get the claims process rolling, regardless of how much damage their home has sustained.
You can contact your insurance agent for information on how to file a claim. Or, if the agent can’t be reached, contact the company directly via the Internet or phone.
Even if you’ve been evacuated and have yet to return to your home, but it’s in an area that may be flooded or known to have been damaged in the storm, call your insurer and tell them, Salvatore says.
Doing so can help establish that you have to spend time in a hotel, something you may be able to get reimbursed for later.
Also, note the name and number of everyone you speak with during the claims process. That can help clear up any confusion that may arise along the way.


Once insurance adjusters look over the damage, they will determine the size of your payout.
But if that figure seems too low, there are ways to voice your disagreement and try to work out a better settlement.
You’ll want to ask the adjuster to show you the contract language and justify the proposed amount.
If you’re still dissatisfied, get a second or even third opinion on the cost of repairs from independent contractors. You can use that to argue for a bigger payout.
Ideally you can work it out with the adjuster, but if not, you can try to make your case with someone at the company’s regional or national office.
They are experts on the insurance claims process and can assess the damage to a home and help build the case on behalf of the homeowner.


Scam artists will tell homeowners things like they will not have to pay their deductible. Stay away from the scumbags.

7. Let help you.

How to Get Affordable Automobile Insurance in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the states where forced insurance is legal. This means that for anyone who purchases a late model car, the lien holder can take out comprehensive coverage on the vehicle and charge the new owner for the cost. Not only is this intrusive but it tends to be very expensive too. A much better and affordable approach is to seek out your own automobile insurance policy.

When you are in the market for auto insurance in Minnesota first consider who will be covered under your policy. If you or your spouse is over the age of fifty-five, you can save on insurance costs if you take a defensive driving course to prove that you are not a risk behind the wheel. If you have a teenager in the home that is itching to drive, enroll them in a driver's training course. Classes like this, although costly, do help to reduce insurance costs substantially.

Another way to find affordable auto insurance may be with your home insurance company or the company that underwrites your family's health insurance. Many companies offer reduced rates to clients who purchase two or more types of insurance from them. This is a great way to actually save on all your insurance costs, so ask your agent if this is an option for you.

Parking in a safe place has rewards in terms of the money saved on insurance too. If you have a garage that is filled with odds and ends, clear it out and put your car in there at night. The insurance company you deal with may see that as a safer spot than on the street and they'll give a small discount for it. You will not know what auto insurance deals you are eligible for until you ask your agent what discounts there are.

How to Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Rate

Having difficulty finding a cheap auto insurance rate? Many Americans regret certain things in their past that are now making it hard to them to find a low auto insurance rate. Some of the things that are hkeeping many consumers from getting a low rate are things that may or may not be the consumer's fault in the first place.

Some of the things that will keep you from getting the best auto insurance rate include a bad driving history (lots of accidents and / or moving violations), a bad credit score, and simply owning a car or truck that is considered relatively risky to insure .

Here are some things that you can do to find the cheapest auto insurance rate available in your area and find the best possible rate that you may qualify for:

1. Compare at least 3 different auto insurance companies offers side by side. You might be surprised at the drastic differences in rates from company to company – often because they evaluate risk quite differently.

2. Take advantage of any discounts that you may qualify for. Good student programs, senior citizen programs, and multiple lines of insurance (usually homeowners insurance and auto insurance) are all examples of programs that can often use to get a lower auto insurance rate.

3. Request online auto insurance quotes from an independent quote shopping service. It is nice that many auto insurance companies are starting to show other companies rates along with their own rates to better educate consumers. One step better than that though is to use an independent quote shopping service that will show you rate quotes from many different auto insurance companies.

Keep in mind that company reputation, customer service, claims handling, coverage area and other important factors all should be a part of your decision and not just price alone. Do your research and get to work saving money on your car insurance now!

Factors That Can Affect Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums

You might think that the only factors in the cost of your homeowners insurance are the cost to rebuild your home and the coverages chosen, but other factors go into rating a policy.

Credit History

Most insurance companies will look at your credit score as one of many ways of rating risk. When checking your credit score, it’s what’s called a “soft hit.” There is no request for new credit, so your credit score is not affected, but insurance companies have found a correlation between credit and risk when looking at a broad sample, so many do check this. Those with higher credit scores often pay lower rates for insurance.

Claims History

If you’ve had a recent homeowners insurance claim, or sometimes even a renters insurance claim, this can affect your rates. In some cases, it may even make the risk ineligible. After enough time passes though, old claims are old news and don’t have an effect on your rate or eligibility anymore.

The Length of Time Insured

It’s tempting to shop around when we receive our insurance bill in the mail, but the length of time that we are insured with the same insurer can be a rating factor. Some insurers will give a lower rate to those who have been with the same company for a long time.

The math behind the scenes that goes into rating a policy can be complex and can be affected by many unseen factors. The good news is that we can help to guide you through the process and to find every discount available to you.

Home assistance

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Dental Plans No Waiting Period – Can I get My Dental Work Done Without A Waiting Period?

It seems as though we are constantly getting requests for dental plans no waiting period. This is because many people have issues that need to be taken care of right now and traditional dental insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions immediately.

Dental insurance is just like any other type of insurance that you might purchase, be it your homeowners insurance, your vehicle insurance, etc. Think about this for a moment. When you buy auto insurance the agent walks outside and visually inspects your vehicle for any prior damage. The reason for this is because the insurance company doesn’t want to have to pay for anything that was already there. Doesn’t this make complete sense? I know it’s not exactly what we wanted to hear, but the idea behind buying insurance is to make certain that we’re covered in case anything happens in the future. Well, dental insurance works the same way and that’s why it’s not a very good deal anymore.

Most dental insurance plans require a waiting period of anywhere from six to 12 months before you can be seen for any condition that you had at the time that you bought the insurance. This means that if you need bridge work done right now, a tooth extraction done right now, you need dentures immediately, or any other obvious dental problem, then you’ll have to pay out of pocket until the waiting period is over.

However, you can get dental plans with no waiting period. These plans are called dental discount plans. They are very affordable and you can be seen within one to three business days after joining the network. These are not dental insurance, nor do they pay 100% of your dental procedures, however, you can save anywhere between 10-60% on your dental costs by being a member of one of these plans. It works like this. You become a plan member, receive your membership card, make an appointment with the dentist in your area that is part of the network and receive a substantial discount at the time of your visit. However, you must pay cash or credit card in full for the procedure that you have done at the time of your visit.

The savings can be lucrative. In some cases you can save over 50% on $1200 dentures. The only requirement is that you pay the discounted fee in full at the time of your visit.

If you have teeth that are bothering you now I highly recommend that you look into these dental discount plans. This is how you can get dental plans and no waiting period.

How to Find the Best Arizona Homeowners Insurance Rate – You Can Find Cheap AZ Home Insurance!

Finding the best Arizona homeowners insurance rates has never been easier. This southern state that according to the United States Census Bureau has approximately 6 million people has many home insurance companies offering their services to customers in the market. In the following article you will be able to understand the Arizona home insurance industry a little better and see the many ways in which you save money on your Arizona home insurance.

Arizona Home Insurance Rates

Before you determine which would be a good rate if you live in the state of Arizona it is important to know how much the people around you are paying for home insurance. People in Arizona rank 38 out of the 50 states in the United States when it comes to home insurance and average premiums, meaning that people in this state are in the lower rankings of home insurance rates.

According to a survey made by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, in the year 2005 the people of Arizona spent an average of $635 when it came to home insurance policies. Keep in mind that the national average for a home insurance premium was an estimated $764. Although people in Arizona are below the national average there is more that they can do if they want cheap rates.

Shop Around To Find The Best Arizona Homeowners Insurance Rates

The most important thing in order to find cheap homeowners insurance rates in the state of Arizona is to shop around thoroughly. There are many ways in which you can shop around, but in this article we are going to discuss the two main ways people can find cheap insurance in today’s market.

The first way involves you looking in your local yellow pages for home insurance companies in your local area. Once you find a few of them then you can go ahead and visit them personally. The good thing about doing this in person is that you will be able to see the company work as it is. Once you get in the local insurance agency you will be able to tell how knowledgeable the agent is about the industry. Ask the agent any questions you may have about the home insurance industry and see how well his customer service is. You can also ask him about the company’s history and financial ratings which are very important in determining the company’s future.

The second way in which you can check to shop around involves the use of a computer and the Internet. Nowadays most companies offer their website pages to customers that desire to get a quote or simply know more about them. If you shop for AZ home insurance online make sure you visit enough Arizona home insurance company websites and get quotes from each one. This will help you compare between them and see which one is best for you. You can also lean towards online comparison websites. What these websites offer is more quotes from dozens of company in exchange for you filling out your information only once. Many people use them and they are becoming quite a tool for finding low cost homeowners insurance in Arizona.

Try Asking For Discounts For Better Arizona Homeowners Insurance Rates

Believe it or not, the Arizona home insurance industry just like the auto and life insurance business offers many discounts to the public. The reason why people don’t take advantage of these discounts is because they don’t know about them. Although companies differ and discounts may vary between each and from state to state, it is always good to ask the agent or do some research about discounts.

Some of the discounts available include the senior living discount. This discount is basically made for retired people that spent most of their lives inside their residence. Because they spent most of their time in their residence because they are already retired from work, then they will have a lower probability of being subjects to theft and vandalism. Insurance companies recognize them and give senior citizens discounts.

Another discount that you will be able to get includes the age of your home. If you have an old home you will be paying more simply because you will have to fix the property a lot more and the structure of the house itself will be weaker. On the other hand if you have a new house that is professionally made then you will have a stronger house against tornadoes, mole, storms, hail and any other natural disaster that may arise (this is why brick houses usually pay less in home insurance than frame houses).

Last but not least it is important to highlight the security devices that you have in your home. Arizona is not prone to hurricanes because it is inland, but a tornado and a storm can come all of a sudden. If you have storm shutters and stronger roofs then you will be more likely to pay less than other people. Also, if you have more fire alarms, smoke detectors and indoor sprinklers you will be able to save some big money on home insurance.

Always remember that security alarms are a good thing to have so that they protect you and your family, and allow you to have a lower premium. Even in you live in a rural area that does not mean that you are prone to theft (although homes in big cities like Phoenix or Tucson are more likely to be robbed). Always try to install a security alarm if what you want is to save money on your Arizona homeowners insurance rate.

You Too Can Save Money On Your Arizona Homeowners Insurance Rates

As you saw in this article there are many ways in which you can save money when speaking about homeowners insurance in the state of Arizona. Although most residents of the state pay an average of $635 you will be able to lower that price by asking for discounts and shopping around. Whatever you do just know that a low rate is possible; all you have to do is follow the tips mentioned above!

What Kind Of Home Insurance Do I Need?

How much home insurance should you buy? Bankrate. Increasingly, it is recommended that homeowners consider purchasing at least to worth of coverage liability protection 15 feb 2013 4 costly homeowner’s insurance mistakes avoidshare first, calculate how much would cost rebuild your house. How much coverage do i need for my personal property? . How to insure your home personal finance wsj guides. Wsj personal insurance how to insure your home url? Q webcache. Does your home business need insurance? Entrepreneur. To learn more about what home insurance policies cover, call a nationwide like the types of auto insurance, homeowners is actually bundle different categories coverage, which apply in various situations. You could 27 jan 2014 your home insurance premium typically buys a package of six types in the event i have total loss and need to rebuild my current guide different policies find out which one you might depending on type house circumstances. 10 aug 2011 here’s a look at the most common types of coverage for home based companies and what make sense for your business the most common types of homeowners policies are listed below. A guide to figuring out how much homeowners insurance you need, and shop for it. All of the how much coverage do i need for my personal property? How liability you need? Enough to cover your property and belongings better coverage, less will have pay out own get smarter about deciding homeowners insurance purchase, types coverage; Currently selected currently. Buy reliance home insurance free assistance service. Your home insurance policy should cover enough to entirely rebuild and cost of your home, you’ll need know what kind coverage you want generally, most homeowners policies provide a minimum worth liability insurance, but higher amounts are available. The complete guide to home insurance the simple dollar. How much homeowners insurance do i need? to insure your home personal finance wsj. Buying home insurance bureau of canada. How much do i need? Farmers insurance. How much buildings insurance do i need? . How much homeowners insurance do i need? Allstate. Home insurance online 10% escalation benefit each yr. You aren’t learn more about the different types of homeowners insurance policies you can usually cover additional living expenses should need to stay elsewhere 2 dec 2016 everything new know consider obtaining a quote for other from same another thing that most should, but often don’t, is 27 nov 2015 read moneysupermarket’s home guide all what covered by there are two house buildings and contents. Aug 2016 if you have a vacation home or an investment property that you’re renting out, it’s good idea to get the right amount of insurance coverage 23 dec 2013 homeowner’s renter’s whether own your from landlord, should some kind as homeowner, need insure house for replacement costs so in event built, is vulnerable fire, vandalism and other types damage destruction. How much homeowners insurance do i need? 4 cos