Car Insurance – What Happens If You Don’t Have It?

If you’re driving around without car insurance you are probably breaking the law and certainly tempting fate. Here’s why you should get it as soon as possible.

All states have some sort of financial responsibility law that requires owners of vehicles to provide proof that they are financially responsible for injuries and damages their vehicle causes. Each state is different in their minimum requirements. The most common proof of financial responsibility is to purchase car insurance.

Each state also has different penalties for driving without insurance. These penalties can range from several hundred to several thousand dollar fines, vehicle impoundment and even jail time. The threat of those penalties should be enough of a reason to purchase auto insurance.

What could even be more costly is if you are in an accident that is your fault and you don’t have car insurance. On top of the fines, you could be responsible for paying all of the medical bills of the injured, plus paying for all of the property damage you caused. You may be sued and the costs of not having car insurance could be several hundred thousand dollars — or much more.

When you purchase car insurance, you need to get the minimum coverages as required by your state law. These are typically called limits of liability for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. An insurance agent can tell you what those minimums are, or you can contact your state insurance department.

When you shop for an auto insurance quote, get at least three different quotes because rates can vary from company to company. That’s really the number one way to save on car insurance. If you’ve been driving awhile without auto insurance, a lot of companies may not want to insure you. At the very least, you’ll probably have to pay a bit more than someone who has already had car insurance and has a clean driving record. Again, make sure to check out several different quotes.

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