Car Insurance – Three Issues For Young People

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Being a young person and getting your driver's license can be a thrill and enjoyment. However, finding car insurance can be slightly tricky. Here are three issues that make it a more difficult process for them to get auto insurance.

First, simply because they have just really started driving and driving alone an insurance company is a little more leery of insuring a young person.

Most young people have had only about one to two years worth of driving experience, and most of that was with an adult with them. It is also, according the Department of Insurance, a fact that most young people have their first accident within one year of getting their driver's license. Therefore, that makes insurance companies a little shy about insuring a young person.

Second is the fact that almost all insurance companies will not even insure an under-25 unless they have the parent's insurance also. Even though you may find cheaper insurance with another company, the majority of the time the company must have a policy for the parent (s) before they will issue one for a young people.

Third many teenagers and 20-somethings want hot cars that will get them noticed.

Unfortunately unless you are willing to pay around $ 1500 a year for a girl and up to or beyond $ 3000 for a boy, that will probably not happen. One of the biggest problems for young people and insurance is the fact that they want the cars that will make insurance premiums sky-rocket.

Therefore, there are at least three issues of being a young person and finding auto insurance.

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