Car Insurance Renewal Tips by Varun Dua, CEO,

Getting car insurance renewed can prove to be daunting for some. Enter Coverfox! Count on our CEO Varun Dua to clear up insurance jargon and give you some pro car insurance renewal tips under 5 minutes. This time around, he speaks of NCB or No-Claim Bonus for car insurance. And just like that, as they say in infomercials, *renewing car insurance online was never so easy! *

Follow this link to renew your car insurance online.

4 thoughts on “Car Insurance Renewal Tips by Varun Dua, CEO,

  1. arabinda das

    how to get NCB Certificate… I have purchased my car in Oct 2010, but till now I have not claimed a single penny. This year I am planning to sell my old car and get a new one. in the vedio I saw regarding NCB Certificate. Can anyone suggest me from where I can obtain this Certificate ???

  2. Hitesh Gonekar

    1) Hi, Buying two wheeler insurance online without inspection. How does it work? if insurance has got expired for more the 90 days
    2) Is it as valid as getting insurance on the field with an inspection?
    3) Will the insurance company inspect for any damage before giving their insurance online ?

    Very informatics video BTW

    I have never bought two wheeler online, So i am having this question


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