Car Insurance: How to Reduce Your Cost

Insurance Expert Kevin Pratt gives some essential tips to keep your car insurance premium to a minimum.

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21 thoughts on “Car Insurance: How to Reduce Your Cost

  1. S. Gesture.

    this video has educated me. so, you're not even considered by this insurance company as a 'loyal customer'? Have kept one for over the years now but I thought moving around was a hassle, I have seen not much difference to be honest, and I find it difficult to convince them as to reducing my premium which increases every year. I'll come back to this website when it's close for my car insurance to due. well done for the vid!!!

  2. Phen0mable

    don't park on the road means that insurer want you to pay for someones stupidity. Your car is not safer of the road and if someones hit your car on the road it doesn't mean you gonna make a claim

  3. soundseeker63

    Funny how all the quotes I have gotten have charged me about £80 MORE if the car is parked in a locked garage than on the road!!! Also the idea that several years NCB reduces your premium by 60-80% is hilarious!!! I have 5 years NCB and do you know how much it saves me? £63….on a £700 policy, so less than 10% !!! What a farce!
    Do you homework people! Don't assume anything because what seems like common sense doesn't apply with car insurance!

  4. Sam

    if you're gonna pay the repairs yourself why even pay for insurance?? wtf!! honestly insurance was the worst thing to be invented and just robs everyones money.. wish it wasnt mandatory and if you get caught without it youll pay big charges.. fucking tired of this shit


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