50 Replies to “Car Insurance for New Drivers: 4 Tips for Lowering Premiums”

  1. I'm 16 and I will be getting my g2 (I live in canada) soon and insurance for my car (2014 mustang v6 ) will be $4,000. This would be the same for our 2011 silverado. My father pays around $1200 for both. It's more than double…

  2. New drivers beware!, I have had numerous problems with HASTINGS DIRECT SMART MILES/IGO4
    They failed to collect the no claims discount form from me then charge me £35 in admin fees
    Said direct debit was for £19 p/month then took £82 + £10 admin fees!
    I got bank charges of £26 which they wont pay!
    Notification of policy cancellation sent out on my birthday!
    Sent emails to them before and they replied,we cant find you on our system!
    Ombudsman now involved

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