Car Insurance Estimate – How Not To Get Screwed

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Do you know what an insurance supplement is and how it can effect your vehicle in a repair shop?

It works like this:

Say your car was in an accident, and the insurance company adjuster gave you an estimate to repair the car for $2,000. During the repair process your body shop found that the radiator and the battery are also damaged from the accident but NOT on the original estimate.

Don’t worry, this happens all the time. As long as the damaged components are related to that accident the insurance company will include them…and pay the additional repair cost.

This can be called “hidden damage” and it is very common.

Sometimes the adjuster can not open the hood due to extensive damage, so he has to allow for additional or supplemental repairs will have to be made.

Sometimes the adjuster just flat out overlooks an item that needs to be repaired, or can’t see any physical damage on that part at that time. Sometimes they are just in a hurry and want the body shop to do the work and bill them for what they miss 🙂

Personally I have my customers walk around the vehicle before the adjuster arrives at my shop and we go over pre-existing damage and what damage occurred from the accident. This way I can be sure to include as much damage on the original estimate as possible the first time.

Stolen vehicles are notorious for having a lot of supplemental damage. Scratches, missing items like jacks and spare tires get over looked on the original estimate.

Terms you need to understand

Deductible – the amount of money YOU will have to pay on the repairs if YOUR insurance company is paying the claim

Supplement – Amount of additional damage that needs to be included to the original estimate

Betterment – things like tires and batteries that have already had wear and use to them before the accident took place. You will be responsible for paying that part that was already used.

I hope this helps, get a free rate quote from multiple companies for free!

1 thought on “Car Insurance Estimate – How Not To Get Screwed

  1. Louise Rizzo

    Always research any insurance company, before giving them your money ,once you do,it becomes theirs. These companies took our money with a promise that when you need it they will be there to help you. in reality when you need it they Fight you. they are in the business of denying legitimate claims, to keep the money. I typed in my company, the one who is fighting me against my claim. I found out they are on the list of companies who have a lot of Bad faith claims against them. When you type in their name, usually the Bad Faith site comes up. Bad Faith= taking your money then " vigorously " denying your claim, in the hopes that you will give up, take the low-ball offer and go away, and they keep your money. which is why they have BILLIONS in profits. It involves failing in their contractual obligation to be fair and just.
    PLEASE look up the insurance company, before you give them your money, and definitely before you may need to file a claim. If yours is on the list, get a new company, fast.


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