Car Crash: Attempted Insurance Fraud

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I am glad my dashcam team member was okay. This just solidifies why having a dashcam is so important. If you don’t have one it will be your word against his. If you would like to use this video please ask and give me credit. Please do not write racist, rude, or other unnecessary comments. They will be taken down. Thank you!

49 thoughts on “Car Crash: Attempted Insurance Fraud

  1. UtahDashCam

    Wow. What a freaking dumb ass! Seriously, people need to think twice before trying to lie about the situation they put themselves and other drivers in. It is absolutely unbelievable to even lie about that shit!! I am so glad that everyone is ok!

  2. Lobstertainment

    I don't think he was out looking to commit insurance fraud at first, looks like he failed to check his blind spot and after you guys pulled over he apologized, it was only after the cop showed up did he try to weasel out of it and blame you. Either way yes a dashcam IMHO is a must have for a vehicle. Video proof is always 1000% more reliable in court than human recollection.

  3. petezahut93

    What an ass this Toyota driver is for trying to blame your dashcam team member for this collision. The sad, pathetic part about this incident is that if the Toyota driver had waited a few seconds for your team member to pass by instead of forcefully merging and brake checking, there wouldn't have been any problems in the first place. I hope your team member is doing fine after all that mess between that collision and the insurance company.

  4. Emmanuel Cardenas (Manny1344)

    Just a word of advice to everyone, when you're writing you side of what happened on the police report. Make sure that you put everything in there, if you're not at fault try not to make it sound like it was. Even if you might think it was your fault, don't put it in the police report because this is what goes to court when your insurances are arguing. Also try to put as much detail as possible, what isn't in the police report never happened. If you want to revise what you said, call the department who took your report (Highway, City, Sheriff, etc) or go in there to revise it. The insurances also look at these reports when determining who's fault it was. Can't think of anything more, but I can't stress enough about making sure that your police report is correct to your knowledge.

  5. henx125

    There's no way that was fraud. The guy just didn't see you in his blind spot and went to brake because the cars ahead in the lane he wanted to merge into were on them a bit. Also scammers first words usually aren't "I'm sorry"


    this probably didnt start as a insurance scam, just bad driving as the guy originally said sorry. but the more he thought about his rates going up and having to pay for the damage he tried to blame you, i was a EMT for a few years and responding to a car accident thats how most of them went down, both parties blaming each other

    i too got into a accident about 4 months ago, same kinda crap. lady blew a red light ran into the side of me and claimed i went through a light even though i was like the 10th car going through a green, and she was so convincing i started wondering maybe the light changed and i didnt notice……..soon as i checked the camera i had a green light:) and she was found at fault, claiming the video was staged/fake

    a guy at work has been in 2 accidents and both times the other person lied and he still doesnt have a camera, everyone needs one. they are so cheap

  7. DashCamExtraordinaire DCE

    I'm sorry this happened to you mang!! What a dumb shit for trying to lie!! Saying that he told the officer that you rear ended him, I take it you didn't tell the driver you had a camera?

    Again, sorry this happened to you but happy your okay mang! Satu safe and always keep the camera rolling ;)

  8. Beyondact

    Doesn't look like your classic insurance fraud, best he could ever get would be 50/50. Think its more a case of not checking his blind spot and then not waiting to live to having caused an accident.

  9. Com Roads

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  10. The Warthog Mechanic

    Unfortunately it wasn't until AFTER I encountered corrupt police that I decided to get a dash cam. I would recommend everyone get a dash cam even if they don't want to upload videos. Better safe than sorry.

    All you have to do is mount the dashcam, insert memory card, and plug it in car's cigarette lighter. Very simple process for the best protection against insurance scam and corrupt police.

    You can get decent dash cams for around $70 and never have to spend another cent on it for a long time.

  11. Abel Chavez

    I need a dash cam I was driving on the highway 3 years ago and this guy stop right in front of me and I try to stop but he was to close and I rear ended he's fucking piece a shit Car and later on they told my insurance that it was a old lady driving and she was badly injured and she keep saying lies I saw this guy got out of the car right when the accident happen but they say that it was the mom (NOT TRUE)
    Nothing happen to the car not even a crack bumper I was the one that the air bag went off and I was 7 moths pregnant
    Well they wanted shit load of money front my insurance but my insurance took them to court and didn't get what they wanted cuz the lady was injure way before
    Be careful especially if you drive a nice car or even you company car that's what fraud people love to do

  12. Hunter Yelton

    Glad for the dash cam!. Off topic but around 0:34 the station you were listening to "Fever 105" Reminds of playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as its a name of a station in the game.

  13. Christopher Curzio

    I don't buy this story one bit. If a guy is trying to commit insurance fraud, the first words out of his mouth to you aren't going to be "Man I am SO SORRY."

    My guess: You desperately wanted a dash cam story to post to YouTube, so you made one up. That's why everything about the accident is recorded, and all of the alleged "fraud" is just text on your video with zero actual evidence.

  14. mydashcam6

    Just another reason why i am SOOOO PRO dashcam! im glad no one was hurt and im glad he didnt get money out of you or your insurance company. Stay Safe
    PS. You just earned a new subscriber!

  15. Dan Coulson

    It would have been so satisfying if you span the back of his car out. He could have lost control and written his car off.
    You'd walk away with minor damage, and he'd be the one to pay for it all.

  16. Jesse Viviano

    Did the fraudster get prosecuted for this case? If I was the victim, I would press charges to make sure that this person does not get the chance to try this again.

  17. Adam Ra

    guys I had to learn the hard way, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DASHCAM! I got screwed over when I I was sitting still in my car and a guy backed up into me. he told insurance it was my fault and now I have a damaged bumper and my insurance rates went up. never trust anyone. get a fucking dashcam


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