Car Crash and Road Rage Compilation (6) – Insurance Fraud Compilation (Best of 2012)

The sixth video in a series of car crash videos ( Did have 1,900,000 views ). Was a viral video until the account it was on got terminated. So here I am starting over, please subscribe if you like the videos =)

These videos are intended for educational purposes and are not to be re-uploaded without my consent.

Please note I am the original owner off all these videos and the ‘Car Crash and Road Rage Compilation’ video series. Video 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will all be uploaded withing the next 3 days!

Please help me out by flaging these videos if you see them on other people channels as I’ve had a lot of trouble with video stealing.


23 thoughts on “Car Crash and Road Rage Compilation (6) – Insurance Fraud Compilation (Best of 2012)

  1. Wolfin27MLG

    The thing is in America very little have dashcam however this happened to me. Another thing is you don't know who your scamming. I was stopped at a red light and a pedestrian crossing tied a fake slow mo fall onto my hood and stayed there. I got out and he said I hit him. I said I hit you going 0 mph? He started sweating and I said your running insurance scam and since there's a possible crime put your hands behind your back. He had a stroke of bad luck that I was a state trooper and had a dashcam on my Chevy Tahoe (not a police car). They should check who their scamming 

  2. Galimah

    Im not sure i like this video. telling ppl to have dash cam is not fair. if everyone had one scammers would be out of buissnes and everyone need to have an income.

  3. marblesjar

    What's with Russians, always stopping in the middle of a highway? All those Russian vids of ladas crashing, people on bonnets and odd driving behavior make sense now. All scamming each other.

  4. Reasonable

    At first, I'm thinking those Russian scammers are the biggest imbeciles on Earth. And then, I wonder why they are doing it when it WILL be caught on camera.
    Maybe the insurance sucks? Never will know I guess.

  5. IcePrincess751

    These parasites are the scum of the earth.I really hope they try and scam someone who is incredibly violent and doesn't want to hear anything right after the "accident."They end up just getting shot for their little insurance scam idea.


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