Cancer Insurance – An Unsung Hero!

I have heard just about all of the arguments about cancer insurance that there are. I have heard:

1 – It's not necessary. The premise here is that people feel very comfortable with having their health insurance cover the majority of the cost associated with if someone contracts cancer in some shape or form. The reality is that their health coverage does cover most of the medical expenses involved, but what about the loss of income due to treatments and surgeries? Who is covering that situation? A cancer policy can help keep money coming in while the person with the cancer concentrates on getting better and not worrying about money and paying their bills.

2 – I'll never get cancer. The people that say this are not paying attention to their surroundings. Chances are that someone reading this right now knows someone who is undergoing a cancer fight right now or knows someone who has maybe even been beaten by cancer and passed away. The stats are 1 in every 2 guys and 1 in 3 females will get some form in their lifetime. Even if you never contract a cancer, many policies will at least pay you some premium back per year through a Wellness Screening benefit that could pay for a yearly exam or some sort that also predetermines cancer for early detection. Piece of mind is priceless, am I right?

3 – It's too expensive. Usually the people who say this have never really priced cancer insurance. For less than the price of a large drink per day at your favorite eating establishment, you can cover your entire family with cancer insurance. Water is better for you anyway.

4 – You will not insure me because I smoke. While the smoker may be at a greater risk for some things, there is no real increased risk one way or the other. The truth is, most cancer policies do not even ask if you smoke or not. The reason they do not is because if they did, they would have to ask you all those other questions about what you did or did not do that have also been "rumored" top cause cancer (using a cell phone, eating certain foods, drinking water that has been sitting in your car in a plastic bottle, etc). Since there are so many factors and "free radicals" out there to attack your system and potentially cause cancer, most policies are only concerned that you are not currently undergoing treatment.

5 – I have had cancer in the past. While we are genuinely sorry you have had to go through the trauma of having cancer in the past that does not necessarily negate you from being able to acquire cancer insurance. Many cancer policies are available to people with a history of cancer as long as the cancer has been in remission and untreated for 5 years. Most carriers consider you "out of the woods" by then and will gladly insure you … and I am sure after what you experienced the first time through it you would jump at the chance to get some help.

You can make up whatever argument you want to, but the reality is that everyone needs to consider what a cancer policy can do for him or her. I know that when I sit with people who have cancer policies who went through a cancer diagnosis, surgery and treatment that they all tell me they do not know what they would have done without it and the help it provided.

June runs us into Skin Cancer Awareness Month and there is really no bad time to talk about helping your family, friends, employees, and loved ones by considering a cancer policy.

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