Can You Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 to 7 Years? Fox News and Jordan Goodman Plain, Simple Proof

Can You Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 to 7 Years? Fox News and Jordan Goodman Plain, Simple Proof! In very simple terms, Finance wizard Jordan Goodman discusses experience using Truth in Equity and how can change your life in a very short time. Buying and Paying Off a Home Faster Debunking the negative claims & myths Surrounding Mortgage acceleration Truth in Equity are the original leaders in this country for developing financial strategies designed to free average Americans from the high interest of conventional mortgages! “Prescription without diagnosis is Malpractice!”

29 thoughts on “Can You Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 to 7 Years? Fox News and Jordan Goodman Plain, Simple Proof

  1. Harddonuts

    This is as straight forwards as it gets. Unbelieveable that people still don't know about TruthInEquity If everyone in this country did this, it would affect our economy drastically!

  2. everlong

    In Australia this is equivalent to a Mortgage Offset or Redraw Account. Put all your money in the account. Use credit cards for your bills/purchases and pay them off by the due date to avoid charges and interest.

  3. Marc Oliva

    They forgot to mention that most HELOCs are variable interest rates. Although the prime rate in the U.S. hasn't changed in many years, you would be foolish to think rates are going to stay where they are at for the next 5-10 years. Most HELOCs have caps at 18.99%. 

  4. Angie Wilson

    This is B.S. for so many reasons.  There is zero guarantee your house will hold its value. take that money and save it.  Pay off in 20 or something.  I just think this is part of a scam to get people to put more money into homes that are going to tank in value.  All of the sudden, it's "pay it off in 15 years" – get these offers all the time.  Well, guess what – at a 2.5 percent interest rate, paying it off early IF the market tanks may not be such a good idea. Ideally, we would all save and buy a home outright and have plenty of money left over – ideally – we'd all be rich and have insider info. – but most people are not in this situation.  Beware anyone telling you anything about what is good or bad in real estate. The only answer is to live way beneath your means.  Which is bad for the economy, but good for your personal family economy.  If you are rich or wealthy – you can afford to live differently.  I've watched people who are very educated lose jobs, houses, etc. – millions of them – across this so called great country.  It's a scam and it's disgusting.

  5. Angie Wilson

    If I may add:  if you are young, do it the way people do in Italy – live in your parent's basement if they'll have you.  Go to work.  Save for 5 years….and try to buy a home outright or with at least 70 percent down.  But, by then, interest rates may be way up and the 30 percent you have left to pay off may cost too much.  Buying when interest rates are super low is good – but there are zero guarantees that home you buy will hold its value. None.  If you believe you are going to live in that home forever – are 99 percent sure the neighborhood will hold, you will never be asked to move for a job, etc. – then maybe buy now and pay off fast.  For us, our jobs dictated moving – and it all went out the window from there.

  6. MsNeed2Know

    Wow this video was so confusing to me. Not really a math person lol. Anyway, I will have my 30 yr mortgage paid off in less than 7 yrs and all I did was pay a load of money towards the principal each month. Just waiting to get my payoff statement in the mail so I can pay it off. I don't and will never use a HELOC. Something about a HELOC doesn't sit well with me.

  7. Truth In Equity

    HOw much extra per month did you have to spend? Multiply the monthly extra by 84 months (new adjusted term). If you paid and extra 2k per month that would be an extra 168k. If you had that kind of money laying around why not just pay for the house? I'm doubting the claim. But… I don't know the numbers. If you borrowed 100k at 4% for 30 years you'd have a $477.42 per month principal/interest payment. To pay off in 7 years you would have to pay an EXTRA $890.00 per month. Plus your normal 477.42 equallying 1,367.42. I'm doubting your claims. You had to find an EXTRA $74,760.00 to do that? Where did it come from? In this scenario, Income and Expenses being equal and relative to the loan size it would be done in 4 years and 3 months with out the need for and EXTRA 890.00 per month. My skepticism in your claim and math is greater than your skepticism in a HELOC. A HELOC is just a line of credit where money can be paid in or out. Its just a tool.

  8. Jdiff 1979

    Do I have to call my lender and see if my loan can transfer to a Heloc? There wasn't very much info on the types of mortgages that this works for.

  9. cyang02

    If you are still confused you need to do more research. The strategy will only work if you had positive cash flow, more than 20% equity in your home to open a HELOC, and good credit score. One guy I found on Youtube will show you many ways and not just a HELOC, he will go in detail to make more sense for you. Search for VIP FinancialEd.


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