Can I Get A Discount On Homeowners Insurance For Installing A Home Security System?

Learn more about security system discounts and ways to save:

Here are the best companies offering discounts on security systems:

#1 – FrontPoint Security – Link:

#2 – LifeShield Security – Link:

#3 – Protect America – Link:

#4 – ADT Security – Link:

#5 – Vivint Security – Link:

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Security System Reviews video series is the quick and easy way for followers to learn more about home security systems and see quick security system reviews. This video talks about homeowner’s insurance discounts when having a home security system installed.

A common reason homeowners look into installing a home security system is because of the possible discounts from their home insurance company. Many home insurance companies will provide a discount to homeowners who have a monitored home security system installed. How do you receive these discounts?

When you contact the home security system company to make your purchase and have your security system installed ask them what they can provide as proof that you have a system installed. Normally, after you have the system installed and activated the security company will provider a certificate that shows proof of you having a monitored security system installed. You can then present this to your homeowners insurance company so that they can provide you a discount off of your premium.

This has benefits on several levels. Not only are you making your home more protected and secure but you’re also getting a discount off of another home expense. With this, a home security system can essentially pay for itself depending on the amount of discount you receive. Some companies will offer up to a 20% discount off of your insurance premium, but research shows the most common is about 10%-15%.

In order to learn more about the amount of discount you can receive contact your homeowner’s insurance provider. Some insurance companies will also have other requirements such as fire protection or cellular monitoring so make sure to ask what all the requirements are to getting the discounts. The majority of companies simply require that you install a monitored system and provide proof of activation.

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