California Homeowners Insurance Claim Attorney

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Denise Sze, Esq. in Merlin Law Group’s California office is discussing property coverage for homeowner’s associations. When it comes to homeowner’s associations, it can be a difficult call as to who the liability falls on when there is a property loss.

Water damage, wind or rain, etc. are all contingent on the policies that override. Most homeowner’s insurance policies carry a general liability policy that covers the association and main walls. Most homeowner’s insurance associations may or may not require an actual individual condominium unit owner to carry their own policy.

In California, there is no law that says homeowners of condominiums must actually purchase property insurance. What that means, is a lot of people that own condominiums don’t actually carry property insurance unless they are required to by their mortgage company.

When a property loss occurs in an individual unit, it may effect other units in the building, and this is when coverage issues begin to arise between the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) policy and the condominium’s individual unit policy.

There are so many questions that can arise from situations like this, and Merlin Law Group is here for you. If you have experienced a loss in a condominium and/or HOA, and you have some questions interpreting your insurance policy and determining where to go with your property loss, contact the Merlin Law Group to help remedy your insurance claims.

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