Building a Small House Without a Traditional Mortgage

Small house living without a traditional construction loan means adjusting your expectations.

15 Replies to “Building a Small House Without a Traditional Mortgage”

  1. in the early 90's I met two people who both build their own homes and each told it it cost less than 10 thousand dollars. Only one of them who built his house lost it because he borrowed money to have a driveway built. He lost his job soon after and the bank got all of the house just on that small loan to build a driveway. I only saw one of the homes they were talking about and it wasn't that small. Its sad how banks can take your home.

  2. This is really not smart at all on so many levels.interest rates are at historical lows material costs are going up faster trying to go back in and finish half the Sheetrock and tape and bed and texture and paint while the building is occupied will cost twice as much leaving the house envelope exposed to the elements wind rain varmint vermin is beyond stupid. Plus you can not enjoy the living experience for fucks sake your talking about a decade add to that that you can not sell the place if it came to that because of health or job loss or whatever life throws at you finish the damn thing and get on with your life and do not advize people to do something this stupid ever again peace to you and yours

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