Boosie BadAzz On Beating Kidney Cancer, Health Insurance, Advice For Others

* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content *

Baton Rouge, LA rapper and BadAzz Music Syndicate leader, Boosie BadAzz, sits down with DJ Smallz and details how he discovered he had kidney cancer at stage 2, receiving surgery in 8 days after paying $90,000 in cash because he had no health insurance, losing 42 pounds during the ordeal, rehabbing to walk again, his advice for others and his fight to cure his type 1 diabetes next.

Do you agree with Boosie’s advice? Do you have anything to add or subtract to this? Sound off by posting a comment below.

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40 thoughts on “Boosie BadAzz On Beating Kidney Cancer, Health Insurance, Advice For Others

  1. Somewhere The Middle

    Congrats and good health to Boosie, beyond the music, it's just good to know that he survived that, still thriving to maintain good health and is about sharing that good advice that a lot of us need to hear and know, especially my black people. Salute to Boosie!!

  2. eatbeef40

    damn that shit he said how the hospital wouldn't even take his check and do the surgery for a 5-6 weeks then when he said he had the money up front in cash they said they'll do it within the next 8 days…real shit gotta have money for rainy days and situations.

  3. Kay W

    You a boss Boosie. Know shit man you helping getting my mind right through your interviews. You speak the truth. Dropping gems

  4. Nova The Virgo

    Ive never heard much of Boosies music to say whether i like him or dislike him off that…But he seems like a koo ass dude. I will be listening to more of his music.

  5. Andy P.

    Jesus christ is he serious… he can barely keep his eyes open from all the fuckin lean and he's saying he's sober. Such a crock of shit. He's all doped up off narcotics his eyes are barely open

  6. Red Guy

    with all the people that deserve to be saved this nigga just gets saved from cancer what a shame. he used to be good. there was such a big hype about him getting home. n look now this nigga makes nothing but trash music. not the good shit he used to make. n acts like he is the God of rap… hahahabahahahah. I lost respect for this batch made nigga


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