Boiler Service – How Often?


Depending on how new your boiler system is, you may want to vary the frequency of your boiler service. For instance a new balanced flue boiler may only need a service every other year, but an older boiler may require a service every year, perhaps even more frequently.

The type of boiler involved also plays a part in the frequency of the services. If the boiler is of an open-flue variety (i.e. it has a vertical chimney) then you could argue that it is much more important to get it serviced more regularly. It is these types of boilers that cause, on average more deaths per year as a result of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Balanced-flue boilers however are considered less hazardous when it comes to the service regularity, as they are less likely to block up, and cleaning intervals aren’t as regular due to the fact that they draw in fresh air horizontally through a wall. This design ultimately results in less flue issues, and therefore less leakage of gas into the household.

Another important consideration to make when considering your boiler service intervals is that of your home insurance. Many home insurance premiums will be made invalid by an unserviced boiler. You should check the fine-print of your deed to ensure any stipulated intervals are met.

As a final point, a service is a crucial factor of any home heating installation…but for the times in between, you should invest in a CO alarm which will instantly warn you of any escapes.

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