Bill Clinton Criticizes Affordable Care Act | NBC News

Clinton called President Obama’s signature piece of legislation “the craziest thing in the world” saying that small businesses and people who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid get killed by ACA.
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Bill Clinton Criticizes Affordable Care Act | NBC News

18 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Criticizes Affordable Care Act | NBC News

  1. MJorgy5

    People are already "buying in." It's called a tax hike and Mr. Clinton forgot to mention that private insurance premiums skyrocketed after the institution of ACA. He's right about the middle class getting "whacked," though.

  2. Bad Kitty

    He's right. Working people have been paying too much. But the aca got a foot in the door for national health care. Now we need to really make it affordable. The insurance robber barons got too many concessions.

  3. Reel Unique

    My problem is my parents don't have coverage and I'm under 25 and I'm not pregnant or disabled so I'm not allowed to receive medicaid or Obama care even though I'm below the income line just because my state opted out of Obama Care. If I was living in California I wouldn't have this problem. I can't afford a $3,000 deductable. I'm young still trying to save for a car to get to work on my own and trying to work hard through college. P.S. this comment is coming from a right leaning independent. There should be Health Care for everyone. No one should disagree.Rep,dem, or ind. Now if I have a medical issue I have to go to the emergency room and the doctors look as if they hate me simply because I can't afford to pay the bill.


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