Best 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates in Atlanta

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Looking for the Best 30 year Fixed Mortgage Rates in Atlanta? Well look no further, because is Atlanta’s best option for 30 and 15 year fixed mortgages!

What makes first option the best mortgage company for you? Can we always guarantee the lowest rates on 30 year mortgages or 15 year mortgages? Reverse Mortgages? Adjustable Rate Mortgages? Or any kind of mortgage? No! Can we always guarantee super fast turnaround time on your mortgage, or the quickest closing date? No! The truth is we can’t make guarantees on things we don’t control. We don’t know what your credit situation is, or what the rates are going to be a month from now, or a hundred other factors. So we don’t make you empty promises and meaningless guarantees, but we will guarantee you this. We care, and we try every single day. We will do everything we can to do the very best for you. Which means the best mortgage rates we can get for your situation, the fastest closing possible, and most importantly, the confidence to know that while you’re focusing on the thousand things most important to you everyday, from driving carpool, to getting to work, to picking up dry cleaning, making dinner, getting to practice, and just trying to get some rest, we’re focusing on just one thing: your mortgage. First Option Mortgage. The official sponsor of you. Visit us online at

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