Benton City Council hears about insurance benefit program

David Goncher, a sales representative for Colonial Life, presented the Benton City Council with insurance options for its employees Monday evening.

“This is an opportunity making this as a substitute or addition to Liberty Mutual. In the past we’ve had a lack of response from the issues that we have had with Liberty Mutual, and this could be an alternative that we could have,” Finance Commissioner Dennis Miller said.

Goncher said Colonial Life has been in business for 77 years. The company offers two life insurance policies, along with accident, cancer, short term disability, critical care, and dental and vision plans. He said the company has a 93 percent approval rating with its customers.

“What’s become very popular for us are folks who are challenged physically and can’t get life insurance. We can write them with a simplified guarantee issue, which means based on your age and tobacco use, the company will offer you x amount in death benefits,” Goncher said.

“It’s estimated throughout the United States that 44 percent of all employees have some kind of stress so Colonial offers a complimentary benefit to your employees called coffee … it’s to help those who have those type of issues because a happy employee creates a happy employer.”

Goncher said the enrollment process can be done in one day.

The council took no action on the presentation, although Miller said if the council is interested in the program it can be placed on the council’s next meeting agenda.

In other business, the council approved using funds from the Republic Services community program to pay travel and lodging expenses for mural artist John Cerney, who has completed a mural of George Harrison. Council member Donnie Wyant rescinded his motion from an earlier meeting when the expenses were denied.

Approval of an emergency personnel ambulance ordinance was approved but the council tabled the mutual aid agreement, noting updates were needed with Abbott Ambulance Service and West Frankfort Fire Department.

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