Behind Health Care Reform: An Insider’s View: Stan Hupfeld at TEDxOU

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is either the greatest piece of social legislation in the history of the United States or it is an abomination inflicted on the American public that will ultimately destroy our health system. Insider Stanley Hupfeld dissects that health system and exposes the fallacies and prejudices of both political parties.

Stanley Hupfeld was President and Chief Executive Officer of INTEGRIS Health from July 1995 until 2010. Stan has spoken and been published widely for his expertise in the health care industry. He currently writes a healthcare column for a local business daily, The Journal Record. As the driving force of the nation’s first hospital-sponsored charter school, Hupfeld was honored in 2009 when the INTEGRIS Health Board of Directors voted to rename the school The Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village.

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13 thoughts on “Behind Health Care Reform: An Insider’s View: Stan Hupfeld at TEDxOU

  1. Daniel Delgado

    It's a shame that the American model is beginning to spread out in Europe. It's really scary. In Spain we had the best Health Care system, we still do, but powerful health insurance companies are brainwashing profit-hungry politicians to change our Health care system following the American model. The spanish system is fair and affordable for everyone since it all comes from our taxes, and believe me, the quality of the medical attention is excellent. ¡¡Sanidad pública de todos y para todos!!

  2. SeekTruthinLight

    It is causing a stir because its being implemented to fast; That the businesses and middle people will be hurt because of the fast tracking in it being passed. Where they could of worked together with booth sides, instead of fearing as to force it through causing fear and division in the country now in the possible shutdown. In claiming equal rights half are being left out, effectively dividing the nation causing economic fear increased business loss due to their policies. fixing is breaking it

  3. SeekTruthinLight

    we should not let the fed control our money. New money should be added through the infrastructure repair, social services which amounts to their spending the money on businesses stimulating the economy. food stamps is a good thing as we are blessed in helping people as food does,'t rot or stay on the shelves. It is fear which keeps the economy on the brink. We need to print enough money for circulation, if done in the spirit of God, in faith, the value will increase old debt purchased forgiven

  4. CncObsession

    Glad I watched. Media does a disservice in attempting to divide us. I was just beginning to read the ACA for myself due to the hysteria. In fact the reason I found this was because I am debating reading the entire act out loud and posting it on YT. Obviously in segments as the length of any law is just to complicate matters. KISS principle should be used in laws too. Thanks again. Btw to those who give this speech a negative mark, why? 

  5. Kat Harris

    Affordable Care Act- great for some, but why are we ALL forced to pay for it? There is nothing at all wrong with socialism, but it is most certainly un-American.

  6. Julia Tortolani LAc. MSTOM

    Would be great if only he could edit out his sexist remarks (about his daughter, female politicians, etc. Their are plenty of men using politicians sound bites out there). Given his generation, he is probably just totally unaware, but the remarks are really not necessary, insensitive, and detracts from his message.

  7. Boston Mccormick

    Two conservative ideas:1.  Add the unemployment percentage rate to the top tax bracket.  Higher unemployment means higher top tax brackets.  Lower unemployment means the rich pay lower taxes.  Win-Win.2.  Trump needs to say:  "Health insurance companies NEED prices to be high.  Why?  Because they sell insurance NOT medical services.  Why do you need insurance?  Because the prices are high.  Why are prices high?  The AMA and the insurance companies want them to be high.  How do you fix high prices?  Increase supply.  What supply?  Medical services.  Our goal should be to increase the supply of medical services until the prices fall to the point that you don't need insurance.  Yes, it is possible

  8. Dan V.

    As an attorney I took an oath to be ethical and to take unpopular cases.  I took a woman's botched hysterectomy case because of that obligation.  The tort reformers came after me with a vengeance.  It is such a politically entangled situation that the police refused to show up when I called to report an assault on me.  Later in my own medical  emergency the hospital castrated me.  There is no one to tell. I've been politically ruined and cannot even get a job as a tax preparer.   All the judges are "conservative" tort reformers.  The lecturer here touches on the benefits of tort prosecution but leaves out the most important :  It teaches other doctors how not to be negligent and to practice better medicine.


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