BBC News – Cost of car insurance for young drivers on the rise.flv

Rip off car insurance rises yet again! Why do people bend over backwards to pay whatever the insurance companies ask for? If people keep paying the car insurance companies they will keep raising the prices. Why not have a scooter or motorbike instead? If it is good enough for Jamie Oliver it is good enough for me.

5 thoughts on “BBC News – Cost of car insurance for young drivers on the rise.flv

  1. niceboyandy

    Rip off git's, My insurance with Marks and Spencer, renewal went up from £470 to £830. No point's on my licence, no accidents, and with 6 years no claim's bonus. I was 32 at the time. How can they justify that. I brought it back down on a comparison site. 

  2. Bon Hoffen

    just another joke with this country, some family of mine live in the US, there son pays $850 on a acura jeep, if i was to get that over here i'd pay over £50000, fucking hate this country, people like me cant get anywhere in life, so fucking unfair

  3. mfc1988

    @rhimorg13 I don't blame you this contry is a comlete rip off now I working at the moment luckily and I'm already saving for a one way ticket to the u.s I haven't even got a car because the insurance is a complete rip off so i guess that makes us two who are leaving the uk


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