Auto Insurance and Your Credit Report – How Does it Affect You Or Me?

One of the things which we use loans derived from financial institutions is to make our lives better. A good roof over our heads, a nice car to move around town and maybe paying for college tuition – these are just a few of the many uses to which we can put financial aid to. But how do you fare when you’re in need of a loan badly but there’s no lender willing to part with their money to give to you. Or maybe they even require you to pay an exorbitant interest rate. How bad can it get?

You see, the problem here which could have been used to a better advantage is your report. This is the document which tells a creditor: “lend this one” or “don’t lend that one”. Once a creditor looks into your file and sees your score among other accounts listed therein, he can quickly make a decision whether you’re the kind of person his company would find it safe to do business with.

But not only that. The file is now used for other things apart from making a decision whether you can get a loan or not. We know that employers use your file and property insurers also use it in determining how much you pay for homeowners insurance. In addition to this, you should stop being surprised that your file is also used to set insurance rates for your car. A study confirms that 92% of auto-insurers actually use clients’ files to determine the amount they should charge as interest. Some insurers even user your file to determine whether they should help insure your car at all.

Why they do this is not specifically stated, but some of them have hinted that there’s the possibility that clients with poor credit ratings are more likely to make false insurance claims.

In your own interest, you should begin a restoration of your file by using either a self-help or the services of a professional repair agency.

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