Annotations – Progressive Insurance Commercial


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  6. I would be okay with your ads if: 
    1. They were actually funny and not just bad puns
    2. Flo wasn't so… creepy (Her character seems like someone how stands over your bed, in the dark, with a creepy smile.)

  7. Very stupid company. They may think it is easier get new customer than keep the ones they have. I'm a very easy customer never complaint for little thins, after 4 years as a customer I called them to lower my insurance cutting off the collision and comprehensive part  . My wife cant drive any more due to medical issues. I asked them to remove her from the contract they said Yes! we will YOUR POLICY WILL GO UP  30 DOLLARS, and about the collision/comprehensive  they offer to reduce less than 10 bucks a month , when I was paying  a lot more for that coverage.
    -So thats my best  2 options then 
    -Yes, we cannot do anything else (Progressive guy , very useless by the way)
    -Ok, I will find the way to reduce my bill. 
    So Im really surpised how a big company dont get that IT IS EASIER TO KEEP THE CUSTOMER THAN GET NEW ONES.

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