America Rejects King Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act

Alex analyzes the current chaos in Washington, D.C. as the people rise against tyranny. Americans fed up with political theater have climbed over “government shutdown” barricades in order to pay their respects to outdoor memorials. A former NYPD police sergeant has openly criticized the shooting of her unarmed sister on Thursday by D.C. Capitol Police. Speaker of the House John Boehner continues to stand firm against Obama, stating that House Republicans will not pass bills to “re-open” the government or to increase the debt ceiling unless there are sweeping changes to Obamacare. Peter Schiff has warned that we are in worse shape economically than we were before the 2008 collapse. Alex also takes your calls and answers your questions throughout the broadcast.
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25 Replies to “America Rejects King Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act”

  1. Federal reserves are quite opposite of something own or run by government. It is exactly privately owned and if owned by government US finance would be solid as GERMAN where exactly BundessBANK is government RUN. Completely opposite. Guess what, Germans do not bail out German banks unless nationalizing parts of all of them. 

  2. With respect, i don't think Australia is comparable in this context to other countries, i suspect you could say the same for Canada, Australia is a very big country with small population, but it relies on a large resource base to keep fairly well afloat economically, while our politicians constantly take the credit for being better off somewhat in a time of lousy world economy, i firmly believe if not for the resource base Australia would be broke just like many other countries.

  3. You don't understand how the technology works if you think that. It has been independently peer reviewed and it is physically impossible for your fingerprint data to be obtained. I'm sorry, and I understand why you're suspicious, but you are utterly wrong on this and it doesn't help our cause when you just assume everyone is guilty and everything is out to get you without actually doing any research or looking into facts. It is a matter of physical impossibility to get the fingerprint digitally.

  4. It has an isolated part of the cpu that is dedicated to fingerprint data. This part of the chip can't be accessed, but if this were the only layer of protection I'd give you that it could be cracked. But nope. The fingerprint data is converted to a mathematical series of numbers which simply can't be back-converted, period, before it is even stored digitally in any form. Electricians can pull apart all the wires and verify this absolute fact. It's technologically impossible to obtain that data.

  5. i watch alex jones videos purely for the entertainment. the fact that a guy like this can be a radio host and have this many supporters is probably the best example of what's worng with america today.

  6. America's anxieties and frailties are really quite ridiculous. 'Affordable Healthcare' – you people couldn't even conceive of anything near UNIVERSAL healthcare, which operates in countries that have much healthier populations, like my own country the UK, and Germany, and plenty of others. Obama's administration really has taken away your rights, signing the NDAA and putting American citizens on a kill-list. But this? Come on guys…
    P. S. Have you looked at how much America spends on healthcare? Where does it all go?! Certainly doesn't go on healthcare. That has been happening for decades…

  7. To hair kari what a nasty person you are. I am not a liar. My state did not expand the medicaid program. Therefore I don't meet the qualifications. And what the hell is a troll. Why you calling me names? What a disgrace you are. Maybe you are a troll whatever that means

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