16 Replies to “Allstate dropping 10,000 SC Homeowner customers”

  1. Sounds like All State has started another company and by dropping you may puts you as a risk and by sending you to another at a higher price. Insurance companies can only go up a X amount % & only if disaster strikes they can raise the rates at a higher rate to help recover their lost.Thats why they like to pay quick on disasters & high amounts.It gives them the right to raise later,& the more they pay the more they charge if you have no claims your rate will increase Im trying to keep it short.

  2. I own a bodyshop in NC. Trust me if Allsnake drops you, you aint lost much. They are the worst insurer out there. State Farm, Farm Burea, or Erie Insurance are the better choices. They pay their claims and seem to take care of business better than the rest. And don't be fooled by that damn lizard (GIECO) either, they suck too. Sorry for the rant I hate insurance companies. They take your money and then refuse to pay your claim. If they used a gun it would be armed robbery.

  3. Also, he is right about home cheapness. My friend just got himself a new home, not brand new mind you, but in very good condition for like 109k. So yeah, 220k dollar home, kiiiinda expensive down here >.>.

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