Aflac Cancer Insurance, Michelle Tavarez – Real Aflac Stories

Learn more about Aflac cancer insurance policies. As Michelle Tavarez learned, it can never be too soon to sign up for supplemental cancer insurance from Aflac.

Aflac Cancer Insurance, Michelle Tavarez – Real Aflac Stories
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Michelle Tavarez Thyroid Cancer
Cancer Policyholder for 4 years

Michelle Tavarez is my name. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada and I am a Police Officer out there with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. I was 18 to 22 when I worked civilian and whenever the Aflac guys used to come in and I’d always run to the bathroom and run away from him. It was too complicated for me so I knew if he would be able to catch up with me he’d make me sit down and listen to it and I didn’t want to so. And when I was hired as a Police Officer we were forced to sit and listen to it. He goes How is that I missed you if you worked for the department for so long and I said well, I hid from you. He explained all about the policies and you know the accident policy is what appealed to me most. He mentioned the Cancer and I thought well you know you never know. I was young and I thought what are the odds of me getting Cancer but it’s not that much money a month.

I kept getting sick every month. I kept going to the doctor and pushed the doctor. He told me “I feel a mass on your thyroid, your left thyroid just feels enlarged maybe we should have it checked out”. It turns out that it is Cancerous and is malignant and it needed to be removed. That was when the Cancer Policy kicked in for me. My Aflac agent, was, he’s name is Guy and he was fantastic. I tell everyone to get the Aflac Cancer Policy my friends laugh at me because I am like one of the biggest promoters and I have nothing to do with the company whatsoever other than I bought their policy but there is no reason not to. It’s exactly what it’s says it is. Is insurance. It’s there when you need it.

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