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Attention: As of December 31 your 2014 Obamacare coverage has ended! While some coverage may roll into a new plan, it’s very important that you verify your 2015 plan to make sure you’re getting the coverage you need at the cost assistance you deserve. Enroll by January 15, 2015, to get health insurance on February 1st! Avoid a tax penalty in 2016 by enrolling in a 2015 health plan!
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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
United Healthcare
Community Health Alliance
And More!

Most people with health coverage today have a plan that will count as minimum essential coverage. The following types of health coverage count as minimum essential coverage:

Employer-sponsored group health plans
Union plans
COBRA coverage
Retiree health plans
Non-group health insurance that you buy on your own, for example, through the health insurance Marketplace
Student health insurance plans
Grandfathered health plans
The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
TRICARE (military health coverage)
Veterans’ health care programs
Peace Corps Volunteer Plans
Be aware that outside of the Marketplace, other policies be for sale that may look like health insurance (such as short term individual policies, or policies that only cover cancer.) These kinds of products are sometimes referred to as “excepted benefits.” They do not count as Minimum Essential Coverage.

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