Affordable Care Act – Video 1

During the summer of 2013, CBS Local in New York City contacted me to work with them on some videos about the Affordable Care Act. These 5 videos were to be used for broadcast and on their website and were going to explain some of the features and benefits of the ACA. They wanted to use a mixture of animated text and illustrations to accompany a voiceover, and instead of producing our own illustrations they were happy to use stock images.

I was sent the scripts for the 5 videos and a selection of music as well as access to a stock illustration website. I began by reading through the scripts and searching for suitable stock illustrations from the website. Some simple notes were given in the scripts, but most of the creative direction was left to me. I worked through the scripts 1 video at a time with a timeframe of 1 week for each video. The feedback for each video was very positive, with minimal changes being sent back for each video.

After the videos were approved, they were broadcast and featured on the CBS Local NYC website.

This is video 1 of 5.

Motion graphics created in Adobe After Effects CC

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