Access America: The Affordable Care Act

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Don Hazaert and Brett Williams from the MI Consumers for Health Care discuss the Affordable Care Act with Terri Cady, Community Education and Outreach Program Manager at Disability Network.

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What is MI Consumers for Health Care? 0:38
What are the goals of MI Consumers for Health Care? 1:45
What does the US spend on health care and what do we get? 3:08
What is the Health Care Exchange or the Portal? 5:08
The Essential Health Benefit: What Every Plan Must Cover. 6:21
How does the ACA address Pre-Existing Conditions or Discriminatory Charging? 7:44
Individual and Business Mandates: Truths and Misconceptions 9:10
How does the ACA affect Medicare, Medicaid and Physician Reimbursement? 14:38
How is the ACA going to be paid for? 16:54
What are Patient Incentives and Wellness Programs? 19:15
What if I like my current health care plan? 21:10
What aspects of the ACA are already in place and how do they help people with existing medical conditions? 22:20
Does the ACA address Mental Health Parity? 24:45
Why now? 25:37

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